Priests demand action after Pascal High School student uses racial slur 2022-04-28 21:00:38


Fort Worth (CBSDFW.COM) — Community activists and the district principal of the Fort Worth Independent School for Teachers called for the high school’s English teacher to be fired Thursday, after video footage showed she was allowing a student to repeatedly use racial slur during a class presentation.

Dr. said. Kent Scribner said he was “disgusted” by the video from a pre-AP New Level English class at Pascal High School.

The teacher, whom Scribner said is an expert, was put on furlough Monday after the district learned of the incident. It will be up to the school board to dismiss her if she does not resign from her position first.

A large number of police officers were around the campus on Thursday, as a group of community activists, including a number of priests, called on the area to take additional action.

Michael Bell said he doesn’t care about the context of the mission. He wanted more staff training, student counseling, and documentation about the racial makeup of the school’s accredited faculty.

“This is an insult,” he said. “It is a harm to students, faculty and staff.”

Kyiv Tatum, a local priest, went even further, calling for the entire administration in the school to be replaced due to the accident. He said it showed the entire region is disorganized when it comes to race.

Scribner, who said there was no excuse for a teacher not to intervene during the two-and-a-half-minute presentation, agreed that ongoing training was necessary for school district staff. However, it does not indicate the core of the district’s 5,300 teachers.

He also drew parallels between the video and public opposition to the district’s equality policies at school board meetings.

“We hear these voices regularly, not only in the news or social media, but also in our school board meetings,” he said. “The school boardroom has become a public arena in which many political grievances are manifested.”

The video was recorded on Friday afternoon. Scribner said the district learned about the matter over the weekend, and asked the teacher to stay home on Monday. The principal met with student groups this week, and a letter was sent to parents about the incident.

Scribner was unable to determine the task. The student appears to be performing part of the play Romeo and Juliet, but has been rewritten to describe Romeo’s character as a slave, using racial slur to refer to him.

Amid nervous laughter and gasps from the students, the teacher stops performing at one point after the student talks about picking cotton, to say he shouldn’t be in “pre-Civil War”, but then lets go on saying he should try to survive” as true to the original text as possible.