Port St Lucy police officers use a drone to find suspects hiding in a wooded plot 2022-04-26 10:22:19


Port St. LUCI, Florida – The Port St. Lucy Police Department says its officers used a drone to find a suspect who fled Sunday’s incident.

Police say 43-year-old Jeremiah Nantz was riding an unregistered motorcycle with a stolen registration sticker on Port St. Lucy Avenue.

According to officials, Nantz forgot the kickstand had collapsed, causing it to hit the curb. Then Nantes fled on foot shortly after midnight.

Officer Valeros recently joined the UAV unit and was operating the drone on his first call-up mission with K9 Officers Piano and Sero.

Officials say Valerius located the suspect hiding in a patch of woodland and directed the officers to Nantes.

Officers say they also found broken tubes and medicine that Nantz did not have a prescription for.

According to officials, Nantz was also wanted in an accident that occurred six hours earlier in which he entered a house, paid a victim, and poured bleach on his personal belongings, causing damage to $3,000 worth of clothing and $200 phone.

Due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident, Nantes was taken to a local hospital before being taken to prison.

Nantes was charged with battery, burglary, criminal mischief, possession of a controlled substance without a prescription, possession of drug equipment, failure to register a vehicle, driving with a suspended driver’s license and driving a motorcycle without authorization.