Police arrest man for rape on Philadelphia subway 2022-04-27 15:53:43


Philadelphia police have arrested a man accused of at least two sexual assaults, one of which was reported Sunday on a subway train.

Police arrested a Philadelphia man Wednesday accused of at least two sexual assaults, one of which was reported Sunday on a subway train.

A police spokesperson said late Tuesday in an email that officers were searching for 28-year-old Quintess Adams in connection with two assaults this month. On Wednesday afternoon, police announced that Adams had been taken into custody and taken to hospital for evaluation.

The court records did not contain accusations or current information about an attorney who could speak for Adams.

Southeast Pennsylvania Transportation Authority officials confirmed that its officers are reviewing surveillance video as part of a police investigation into Sunday’s attack.

Police have not released many details of the assault, which came six months after a publicist was raped on a commuter train in October while other passengers were present. Fiston Ngwe, 35, is accused of rape and related offenses in that attack.

It was not clear if other passengers were on the train on Sunday.

Adams was wanted in connection with a sexual assault reported on the afternoon of April 4 on April 7th Street and Market Street and in connection with the assault on Sunday, which occurred shortly after noon.

Spokesman Andrew Bush said there was only one case of sexual assault on Cepta property. A woman reported that she was raped Sunday on the Broad Street Line subway in the Girard Avenue station area.

Bush said Cipta police responded and helped the victim. The Philadelphia Special Victims Unit was called to investigate the attack soon after. He said Septa understands the suspect was known to the victim, but he doesn’t know what their relationship is.

After the October rape, CEPTA officials increased patrols at select stations and highlighted a public service campaign to remind passengers to call buttons on trains to report potential crimes. At the time, officials stressed that passengers should call the police even if something appeared to be “malfunctioning” rather than waiting until it appeared criminal.

Cipta officials said there would be no immediate change in patrols related to Sunday’s alleged attack.

The authority hired additional security guards last year as part of its efforts to make the system safer, but these guards are undivided security without arrest powers. Those guards will be replaced by what Cepta calls guides, ambassadors who remind passengers of the rules and help contact social workers to meet the needs of the homeless or people in a mental health crisis.

Some city officials and Cipta Police Union leaders have pushed for funding from the Guardians program to invest instead in attracting more full-time officers. The system was short of about 60 officers as of this week.