Police are playing Disney tunes to prevent videos of them from being posted on the internet, a California lawmaker claims 2022-04-27 11:30:27


Councilman Jonathan Ryan Hernandez said at a city council meeting Tuesday that he wants lawmakers to ban the alleged practice after viral video from early April showed officers blasting seemingly loud music on a residential street in Santa Ana while investigating a report on Car stolen late at night. . In the video, Hernandez is seen interacting with an officer from the Santa Ana Police Department, after another person asked the police to stop playing the music.

Disney songs, such as “You Have a Friend in Me” from “Toy Story” and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from “Encanto,” can be heard in the video posted on Santa Ana Audits’ YouTube channel. Dedicated to depicting interactions with the Santa Ana Police.

Videos posted on YouTube and other video hosting sites are often monitored for potential copyright infringement and risk of removal, thus limiting the reach of content, such as the interaction of the Santa Ana Police, online.

While YouTube has not received any requests to remove the viral video, a company spokesperson told CNN that it has a system that helps track copyright claims, but does not automatically remove a video that contains copyrighted content.

The loud music playing comes as officers come under scrutiny in the wake of bystanders filming police activity. accidents like George Floyd death She stressed the importance of recording these interactions and even motivated some groups to do so Publish apps that help preserve the video.

Hernandez told CNN that this was his first experience with the police playing loud music in his community, which he describes as a working-class neighborhood with lots of young children.

The person filming the video, who has not been identified, can be heard repeatedly telling officers to stop playing the music. About seven minutes into the 13-minute video, Hernandez enters the frame and asks an officer if something is wrong.

While only parts of the conversation between the two are audible, Hernandez told CNN that the officer who handled him told him he was playing music in the hope that if the video was posted online, it would be taken down due to copyright infringement.

“My parents live here brother, please treat them with respect,” Hernandez says in the video. “There are kids who need to go to school, there are people who work, and I chose to use our taxpayer money to disdain the guy with your music. That’s childish.”

After a brief conversation between the two, the officer tells Hernandez that he recognizes him as a city councilman and apologizes.

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“This is my area. You wouldn’t act this way in front of my neighbours,” says Hernandez, instructing the officer to also apologize to the person filming the interaction, and the officer complies.

“Now go back to your car and do your job right,” he said, before the officer apologized again.

The two continue to talk, and a few minutes later they are seen shaking hands and parting in the video.

“It’s very clear that this is a practice that we cannot condone, it is an unethical practice, and as members of the community, especially public servants, it is not something we can support as a city,” Hernandez said during the city council meeting. .

“There is no reason to act this way with members of the public, especially if you are an officer with a badge and a rifle,” he added.

The council decided to reconsider the matter after the city’s attorney drafted a formal motion.

In a statement on InstagramSanta Ana police said the department was “aware of a video that surfaced showing one of our officers.”

“We are committed to serving our community and understand the concerns as they relate to the video,” the statement read.

“The Santa Ana Police Department takes all complaints about the service provided by the department and the behavior of its employees seriously. Our department is committed to conducting full, thorough and objective investigations.”

Police Chief David Valentine said he expects “all employees of the Police Department to perform their duties with dignity and respect in the community in which we have been appointed to serve.”

CNN has reached out to the Police Department and the Santa Ana Police Officers Association for further comments.

Both Hernandez and Santa Ana Mayor Vicente Sarmiento told CNN that they have spoken to the police chief about the matter. Sarmiento told CNN that the president launched a rapid investigation to address concerns and next steps with the community. He added that he was glad Hernandez was at the scene to handle the matter, or else the issue might never have been dealt with.

“We have to hold ourselves as a city responsible and make sure that there is no room for this kind of behavior,” Sarmiento told CNN.

The legislator shares his interaction with the police

Hernandez, a community health worker with a mental health program, says he was concerned that someone was experiencing a mental health crisis and thought the police might be trying to use music to calm them down.

But he said that when he got out, he found police parked on the street, music blasting as a man was filming it while they were investigating a stolen car.

“I went to him and didn’t really understand what had happened, people in the community were telling the police to turn off the music,” Hernandez said.

The council member tells CNN that he supports members of the community who portray the police.

“No one talks about how publicly responsible I am,” Hernandez said. “There are two government officials in this video, and I have no complaints about him filming me. If you are doing a good job and serving people, you don’t have to worry about what is being filmed.”

revision: An earlier version of this story had the wrong name for the songs “You Have Got a Friend in Me” from “Toy Story” and “We Don’t Talk About Bruno” from “Encanto”.