Ozark: We need to talk about this final series — plus, rate it! 2022-04-30 11:00:00


If you’re still making your way through the last episodes of Ozark, we implore you to hit the nearest exit and come back when you reach the end.

Nobody can accuse Ozark Than not to go out with a bang.

After the screen cut in Season 4, Episode 14 to go black, a bullet went off. There was no ambiguity about the identity of the assailant or the victim.

In the episode’s closing minutes, Marty and Wendy arrive home to find Mel Satim hanging in their backyard along with Ben’s urn full of ashes (also known as “Proof”). Turns out, the private eye had the buyer’s remorse for selling his soul to the devil and slipping to Chicago for a proper editorial party.

“I couldn’t do my job,” he explained to the quivering couple. “All I’ve been dreaming about for four years – back to strength, Chicago PD – all I’ve been thinking about is you people.”

Yes, Mel is back in the eleventh o’clock style kibosh at the happy end of Marty and Wendy. And this time, they couldn’t buy his silence. “You don’t understand, do you?” He sneered, before adding, “You can’t win…the world doesn’t work like that.”

That’s right mom, you’re going under. This is one of the bonds that you cannot get rid of without a soul. You lose! Hooray… Wait, where did Juna come from and why is he holding a gun and why he’s pointing it at Mel and not his morbid parents, there’s only 10 seconds left of the episode and OH, HELL NO CAN’T END WITH…

Yes, that’s how it really ended. In the final seconds, Jonah – one of the few characters on this show with any form of moral compass – kills an innocent man while his despicable parents look on with pride.

Oh, and speaking of losing the good guys, Ruth is also dead. Blabbermouth, Claire Shaw, tells Camilla, the new drug cartel titan, that Ruth was the one who hit her son, and it’s no surprise that she didn’t waste any time returning the favor.

At least Ruth came out in flames of full-badass glory, uttering these last words while waiting for Camilla to pull the trigger: “I’m not sorry. Your son was a murderous whore. And now I know where he got him.”

RIP, Ruth Langmore. You are an icon. RIP, Ozark. I was often pissed off and sporadically cool and a little pessimistic because you were gone.