Ottawa police have arrested at least 8 people during this weekend’s Rolling Thunder bike rally 2022-04-30 15:14:00


Canadian media, Including CTVreported that hundreds of people on foot and motorbikes moved into the city center on Saturday as part of a rally and protest at the weekend, and called rolling thunder by its organizers.
The organizers were ambiguous about the goals of the gathering – the goals of the event website It refers to spreading “as much peace, love and patriotism as possible to your fellow Canadians.” Some organizers said they were there to support freedom and military veterans, according to Reuters.
The event is organized by many people who participated In the self-described Freedom Caravan protests earlier this year, CBC mentioned. Those protests, which have seen the streets of Ottawa occupied for weeks, began with truck drivers protesting Covid-19 restrictions.
On Saturday, the participants attended a memorial service at the National War Memorial in the morning, followed by dozens of motorbikes heading to the city center in a caravan. CTV mentioned. A mass rally was planned for Parliament House mid-afternoon, according to event location.

The three-day event is scheduled to conclude on Sunday morning.

Law enforcement officials were preparing for protests.

The police had warned Anyone who has been charged in connection with the “Freedom Caravan in Ottawa” protests in February and who has been ordered to remain outside Ottawa will be charged with that order. At least one person was arrested Saturday accused of “violating the terms of their release which included not being in the downtown Ottawa area,” police said. She said.
On Friday, the first day of the event, seven people were arrested on various charges, including on suspicion of assaulting police, Ottawa Police. She said. Police said 24 cars were towed on Friday.

On Friday, police said no injuries were reported and officers were in control of the city’s streets.

Ahead of the event, the city’s temporary police chief said his administration is ready.

“Behaviours that are threatening or intimidating will be addressed through all appropriate enforcement actions,” Interim Police Chief Steve Bell said Thursday.

Organizers: Expect over 500 participants

More than 500 participants are expected to travel to Ottawa this weekend, according to event organizers.

Canadian government invokes emergency law due to blockade, protests over Covid-19 measures

The city was paralyzed by the Freedom Caravan protests in January and February.

that they It started with truck drivers who opposed the Covid-19 vaccine mandate directing all Canadian truck drivers crossing the US-Canada border to be fully vaccinated or face a two-week home quarantine upon their return.

In the end, the protests drew others who opposed the coronavirus restrictions at the time.

Hundreds of vehicles formed convoys that were approaching Ottawa during the Freedom Convoy protests, and many marchers from the infantry joined the vehicles. The demonstration blocked the downtown area as well as major roads between the United States and Canada.

The protests eventually dissipated after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau invoking emergency law, Which led to the arrest of protesters, the removal of vehicles and the siege.

CNN’s Rebecca Reese contributed to this report.