Opinion: DeSantis is trying to outpace Trump 2022-04-30 09:02:06


So far this year, DeSantis has campaigned against Florida LGBTQ community And the perpetuation of a cooked problem that is taught to children cash race theory in schools. With the help of the rubbery state legislature, DeSantis has pushed through laws that limit how race, gender identity, and sexual orientation can occur. discuss in schools. These policies in the search for a problem are key current version subordinate GOP culture war It may indicate what is to come in the elections of 2024 and beyond.
While Trump’s election in 2016 was thought to have been a victory Lucky Strike, Today, DeSantis appears to be proving the Trump way is the norm. Money pour into The Florida governor’s political process, along with echoes of other Republicans such as Senator Ted Cruz, prove this point. And if Trump’s style of politics is now ingrained in the Republican Party, he poses a greater threat to democracy than anyone else.
Style—think JFK glamor or Reagan’s optimism—has always been a feature of American politics, but with Trump came exaggeration, defiance, and bullying that overshadowed any real substance. Last November, DeSantis highlighted his presentation of Trump’s guidebook as is opposing The Covid-19 vaccine enforces what he called “the strongest legislation ever enacted anywhere in the country in this regard”.
Then in March, he Public warnings from students to wear face masks before a press conference, defies science As he said, “Please take them off. Frankly, it does nothing. We have to stop at this Covid theater.”
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Another example of Trump’s next generation of Florida governor emerged when he identified certain groups that could be considered enemies of the people. While Trump has targeted journalists and immigrants, for example, DeSantis has been hunting gay Americans.

state until cancel – rescind Disney’s special tax status after the company’s CEO criticized the “Don’t Say Gay” bill that would ban discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in kindergarten to third grade classes.
DeSantis also relied on tried and true fear-mongering among parents, citing “malicious ideologies” in schools and say“We believe in education, not indoctrination” when it comes to discussions about race and racism in the classroom.
The state has gone further Dozens refused from math book Requests, giving reasons including the reviewer To Critical Race Theory and “The Unwanted Addition of Socio-Emotional Learning in Mathematics”.
Schools, which are an obvious point of contact for parents, have become a the focus For many Republicans, especially during the pandemic, which has led to school closures and safety measures. DeSantis carried the “parental rights” banner that galvanized conservatives across the country, many of whom joined activist groups, including Mothers for Freedomwhich has helped get “girls between the ages of 20 and 30 into the Republican Party,” according to the Florida GOP vice chair.
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Not to be outdone by Cruz, she made headlines this week before Suggestion that Disney may include programs that displayMickey and Pluto are headed towards it.“Smearing the company as a dark force trying to corrupt children shows that Republicans are happy to say anything to incite fear and attract attention.
In imitating a man he once considered a “crying coward,” Cruz showed a cowardly reversal from Trump critic to imitator. He is not alone. House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy had considered Trump’s advice to resign in the days following the January 6, 2021 attack on the US Capitol — a move he tried to deny last week before the New York Times published audio recordings that proved otherwise. Weeks after he told Republicans, “I had with this guy,McCarthy visited Trump in Mar-a-Lago in an apparent attempt to do so strengthens his relationship for the former president.
Of course, Trump’s insistence on stealing the 2020 election from him may be his most enduring legacy. More than two years after falsehoods began about widespread election fraud, Michigan’s nominees for attorney general and secretary of state Their campaigns focused About the big lie. And they’re not the only ones – Republican candidates have embraced the lie in an effort to win over Trump and his followers.
According to the political website Thirty-Five, 70 percent Of those who had Trump’s support indicated they agreed with his false anti-democratic claim that the 2020 election was rigged. DeSantis was again on the cutting edge this week by signing a voting reform bill that establishes new elections police force To focus on election fraud – an extremely rare problem.

With DeSantis leading the way, Trumpism 2.0 has its own soldiers and candidates at every level of American politics. Across the country, GOP candidates are following suit. With one of the country’s two major parties seemingly taken over by this authoritarian-style movement, the chilling elements of what Trump unleashed may be with us long after the same man has stopped running for office.