Officials find a gun in a high school parking lot 2022-04-27 11:48:48


ROCKVALE, TN (WSMV) – School officials found a shotgun lying on the bench of a student’s truck in the Rockvale High School parking lot.

Rutherford County school officials told parents While checking the students’ parking lot, the school official and SRO found the gun in the student’s truck.

When asked, the student said he forgot to remove it after a recent turkey hunting trip. The truck was unloaded, and other fishing gear was inside the truck, including a decoy.

“Although the student says there is no intent to harm anyone, we do not tolerate the presence of firearms on campus. As a result, the student is disciplined and faces criminal charges,” James Evans of Rutherford County Schools said in a statement to parents.

Fees are suspended at this time.

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