NYPD publishes plan to reduce summer violence a day after unprecedented meeting with Mayor Adams 2022-05-01 16:05:04


New York The New York Police Department has begun rolling out its plan to reduce summer violence to address it Gun violence and other crimes that rise.

Starting Sunday, each district will have at least one inspector serving as a violence reduction coordinator who can quickly deploy police and resources, according to CBS2’s Christina Fan.

The Bronx two.

Forty police districts will get additional officers and adjust their work shifts to start three hours earlier.

It all comes the next day Mayor Eric Adams handle An unprecedented meeting at 1 Police Plaza With all 77 leaders centered on tackling escalating crime, among other issues.

The mayor asked for ideas and offered his vision of how to stop the rising crime tide in the city before the summer.

“It wasn’t about getting them and getting them dressed,” Adams said. “It was about getting them up.”

The number of shootings across the city continues to rise. As of April 28, there were 441 shooting victims — nearly nine percent compared to the same period last year and an 85 percent increase compared to the same period in 2020.

Saturday night, Food delivery worker on a motorbike was killed in Queens.

“In order to start policing the city safely again, I heard across the board, it’s time to get back to basics,” Adams said. “We also need to get every other agency in town involved.”

Adams said he was surprised to learn that many officers did not know what was expected of them. For example, Adams wants them to issue summons to Jumping on the revolving doora crime he said often leads to more serious crimes.