No surprise: Samsung confirms that new foldable devices are coming later this year 2022-04-28 02:56:56


Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 3 And Galaxy Z Fold 3 It’s its latest and biggest foldable phone right now, offering tougher screens, IPX8 water resistance for the first time in a foldable device, and S Pen support on the Fold model.

We all expect the company to launch a new generation later in 2022, and now the company has officially confirmed it. Q1 2022 earnings call (free: Yonhap News).

“Currently we are all on standby regarding the setup of the new foldable model scheduled for launch in the second half,” a Samsung representative said during the call.

Kim Sung-koo, vice president of Samsung’s mobile business, added that the company wants to make foldable phones “another major pillar next to the Galaxy S series within our business.” The company will also focus on making sure it is not affected by supply chain issues when launching new foldable devices:

For the new foldable models, we will be fully prepared to ensure the smooth supply of key parts so that we can fully address market opportunities and maximize sales from the moment they hit the market.

Either way, it’s no surprise to hear that the company is officially working on new devices, having released foldable devices every year since 2019. Samsung’s Z Flip 3 came in at a very affordable price tag of $999 at launch while the Galaxy Z Fold 3 sold out. It retails for $1800, so here’s hoping Galaxy Z Fold 4 In particular he sees a drop in prices.