NFL Raffle Winners and Losers: Demand for WRs is at an all-time high 2022-04-29 22:15:00


It’s time to be receptive.

There is a rush on the floor to get receivers, which became very evident during the first two days of the NFL draft. Star receivers are awarded massive second contractsCausing Some teams make deals they don’t want to do. To move forward with the $25 million per year payout to the recipient, many teams hope to get to one in the draft.

Or the teams looked to 2021 Cincinnati Bengalswho drafted Ja’Marr Chase fifth overall when they already had two good receivers, and realized there was no such thing as too many receivers in modern NFL.

It was already an unprecedented draft for receivers, with four rounds coming on Saturday.

There were six receivers captured in the first 18 picks Thursday night, a new record for the NFL draft. Then Friday started with Green Bay Packers Trading For the second selection of the second round And he took Christian Watson from North Dakota. This was followed by a large reception run shortly after. Seven of them went in the second round, bringing the total to 13 through two rounds. According to ESPNwhich held the record set in 2020 for most receivers captured during the first two rounds of the draft.

Fittingly, the third round ended with the San Francisco 49ers choosing SMU receiver Danny Gray. He was the 17th receiver taken in the first three rounds, setting an ERA record for the combined NFL draft.

When Skyy Moore went to Kansas City Chiefs With selection number 54, one in four players drafted up to that point was a receiver. The 13 recipients were drafted by 13 different teams. There were two notable deals on Thursday featuring receivers (AJ Brown to the eagles Marquis Brown to Cardinals), two deals involving first-round transfers and receivers before Thursday (Davant Adams for the invaders, Trek Hill to dolphins). That means more than half of the NFL team — 17 of 32 teams — invested their Top 54 pick in a receiver this off-season.

There is a debate about which position is the most valuable other than a quarterback. Edge-to-edge dash gear, left-hand handles and rear outriggers are always mentioned. The receiver moves quickly in the menu. Based on this draft and contracts awarded to stellar receivers, it may have taken the niche right behind QB.

The recipient was one of the attitudes that was undoubtedly profound in this recruiting class. That’s part of the reason they fly so far from the board. But it’s also a sign: The receiver revolution is on.

Georgia Bulldogs WR George Pickens (1) was one of 13 receivers captured in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft.  (Photo by Zach Bollinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Georgia Bulldogs WR George Pickens (1) was one of 13 receivers captured in the first two rounds of the NFL Draft. (Photo by Zach Bollinger/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

Here are the other winners and losers from Day Two of the NFL Draft.


Pittsburgh SteelersScrolling game: It was a little funny Claypool chase The Steelers’ second-round selection was announced to Georgia receiver George Pickens. If the reports of the Steelers’ displeasure with Claepool are correct, it is possible that Pickens will replace Claepool in the offense at some point.

Pickens is a talented player who should pair very well with quarterback Kenny Pickett, the Steelers’ first-round pick. Pickens has the skill set to be a very good future in the NFL, and Pittsburgh whose 52nd place overall might end up being quite valuable. Beckett may not jump into the starting lineup right away, but when he does, he’ll have Pickens’ explosive receiver to throw at him, along with the receiver Deontay Johnson and narrow end Pat Frymouth (And maybe Claypool, too).

The Steelers have a good defense and an exciting youngster coming back inside Nagy Harris. Perhaps Beckett and Pickens’ choices will pay off in the scrolling game, and sooner than expected.

No QB shaky out Mitchell Trubesky: When a team drafts their quarterback in the first round, it will start sometime soon. When they take one in the second round, he may play early. Anything after that, no guarantees.

A lot of quarterbacks are breathing easier after the first two days of the draft. Signed by the Pittsburgh Steelers, Mitchell Trubesky saw his job threatened when the Steelers took on Kenny Pickett in the first round. But even Beckett is not considered a single beginning. Then No other midfielder went in the first two rounds.

Guys like Marcus Mariota, James Winston, Jared Goff and Drew Locke all have clear ways to start in week one, without worrying about forcing a highly drafted rookie to join the squad. All the quarterbacks on the sidelines can ask for a chance, and a handful of shaky starters have fewer worries after the first few rounds of the draft.


Seattle Seahawks: Once again, the Seahawks did their own thing.

It was the most unpredictable franchise in the NFL again on Friday. After making a very traditional selection in the first round, Charles Cross took a ninth overall—although the first team that played in a college air raid attack might not quite fit in—they had two straight picks in the second round and a huge need in the middle.

The Seahawks, after taking over for Minnesota quarterback Boye Mafe, reclaimed running back Kenneth Walker third with second of those selections. Seattle might be the only team in the NFL that values ​​running back on a quarterback when they have a serious need for the latter. Although not like any other team I love this quarterback class.

Seattle has had a lot of success over the past decade doing unconventional things. Maybe this will work too but going back further from the quarterback when the expected starter was Drew Lock was on the Seahawks brand.

narrow ends: There isn’t a lot of tight influence in the NFL. Based on the project capital for the tight end-of-year category, there will be no immediate infusion of talent into the position.

It took until the 23rd selection of the second round for a court finish to be made. That’s when Arizona Cardinals picked Trey McBride of Colorado. The last time the narrow end is not taken In the first two rounds it was in 1987And McBride’s pick saved this year’s class from matching that. The next tight finish was Virginia’s Gilani Woods, with a ninth pick from the third round.

All receivers are the rage, but teams still like to have the narrow end of the chess piece to create a mismatch in attack. It’s been hard to find them lately.

Nakobi Dean: On Thursday night, Georgia made history with five defensive players entering the first round. Then the second day of the draft began, and one of their teammates kept slipping.

In every draft, there are one or two players who fall abruptly, and among the quarterbacks in the 2022 draft, this downer has been debt. The often injured linebacker, considered by many to be either the number 1 or 2 likely inside linebacker in the draft, is still available after the second round is over. PFF’s Austin Gayle said: That the brigadier general refused to perform an operation on his shoulder, which frightened the teams. Dean is also a little smaller than this post.

Dean’s slump ended in the third round when the Philadelphia Eagles beat the 83rd. This could eventually become a good value over time. Presumably Dean wanted better news during the draft, but he’d have a chance to prove every other team wrong.