NFL Draft 2022: The Giants return (with the Jets) in the second round – then go down again | Full details, plus Ju Shun’s remaining picks 2022-04-29 18:27:00


The giants on Friday night trade back in round 2 of 2022 NFL Draft – in agreement with Planes. Then they traded again.

The Giants were to pick fourth place on the tour, and 36th overall. The Jets advanced two places, sending the 38th to the Giants—plus the 146th (third pick in the fifth round).

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The aircraft used the 36th check to go back Press Hall.

So while this is far from a huge barter/swap move, it is noteworthy, as junior general manager for the Giants Joe Schoen does business with his counterpart Joe Douglas, who is entering his fourth season as the Jets. GM.

This deal is the second time that the aircraft and giants are trading with each other, according to to ESPN. Previous example – Leonard Williams’ trade in 2019.

After striking this deal with the Jets, Schwinn continued to come back on Friday.

He made a trade with the Falcons and went from No. 38 to No. 43, while also getting No. 114 (fourth round). At No. 43, Schwinn chose the Kentucky wide receiver Wandell Robinson.

So with those two contrasting moves, Schoen slipped seven positions and gained a fourth and fifth round in the process.

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A smart move for GM trying to rebuild — and needing to take as many shots in the draft as possible, considering how little Schwinn has been able to do at off-season free dealership, since former General Manager Dave Gittleman left him in salary cover hell. .

The Giants have now made three choices in this draft: Edge Rusher kefon tebodo In No. 5, correct processing Evan Neal at number 7, and Robinson at number 43.

At this point, Schwinn still has two from the third round, two from the fourth, three from the fifth, and one from the sixth round. That’s a total of eight choices left – for now. Rounds 4-7 will be scheduled on Saturday.

This is the second time Douglas has traded this draft. More importantly – compared to what he did on Friday with the Giants – Douglas traded until the end of the first round Thursday night, to pick an accelerating edge Jermaine Johnson at number 26.

This means that the planes ended Thursday with three choices from the first round. They also chose the corner of the back gardner sauce At No. 4 and a wide receiver Garrett Wilson at number 10.

Douglas was ranked 26th by the Titans, who also sent a third player (No. 101) to the Jets. In the meantime, Douglas gave the Titans second, third and fifth places – No. 35, 69 and 163.

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