NFL Draft 2022 Bold Day Two Predictions: Giants start QB carousel with owner Willis, chiefs get help for Mahomes 2022-04-29 15:01:00


It was the first night of the 2022 NFL Draft Quite a few surprisesfrom NFL Five defensive players from Georgia selected in the first round (one not Nakobi Dean), scored to Philadelphia Eagles trading AJ Brown and the Baltimore Ravens Moving on from Marquis “Hollywood” Brown.

The first round didn’t see the quarterback drafted until number 20 (the most recent since 1997) and five defensive players were selected with the top five selections – only the second time in the era of the joint draft that occurred (the first since 1991). This was also the first draft where no backs or tight ends were taken in the first round, setting the stage for a wild day 2 of the draft (Check out every selection tracker with scores and analysis here).

The first night was full of thunder, so what does the second night hold? We’ve got some bold predictions for the second day of the draft that are sure to provide plenty of fireworks.

1. giants Malik Willis Project

New York didn’t think any of its best quarterbacks would be left on the board by the time they picked them 36th, but only with that. Kenny Beckett After he was drafted in the first round, the possibility of picking a quarterback came to fruition. The three teams above the giants (Tampa Bay BuccaneersAnd Minnesota VikingsAnd Tennessee Titans) will likely not pick a midfielder (although he can’t be ruled out), which leaves the Giants in a position to take one.

Malik Willis may be the quarterback making New York pounce, acting as a contender Daniel Jones At the training camp. The Giants rejected Jones’ fifth-year option, so anything is on the table. Should Willis reach the 36th position, it wouldn’t be surprising to see head coach Brian Daboll firing a shot at the talented midfielder – giving him time to develop into a new discipline.

The Giants can start their quarterback with a choice of one. Teams may try to trade and get Desmond Reader or Matt Coral soon after.

It is said that Samuel wants to get out of San Francisco, but do the 49 of these really want to break up with him? The 49ers reportedly declined an offer to get the 10th pick from New York Jets In exchange for Samuel – which included a choice barter. With the first round of the draft over, why would the 49ers accept any offers for any of the second-day picks when picking the top 10 isn’t good enough?

The Green Bay Packers He could use Samuel, but San Francisco will trade him for Energy The contender at their conference? Highly unlikely, unless the Packers offer the 49ers more choices than they do Kansas City Chiefs got in Trek Hill Deal?

The 49 players had no first-round pick this year, and they don’t have a pick next year. Picking the top ten wasn’t enough to thread the needle and move Samuel. The King’s ransom might be just what San Francisco needs to move him at this point.

3. Heads are moving, get a wide receiver for Patrick Mahomes

The Chiefs drafted good defensive players on the first day of the draft at the corner back Trent McDuffy and edge rusher George Karlavtis. On the second day of the draft, Kansas City takes care of the offensive side of the ball — giving Patrick Mahomes another pass player to add to his arsenal.

Kansas City has the draft capital to move into the second round, finishing 50th and 62nd. They also have a third-round pickaxe (#103) and a fourth-round pick (#135) as ammunition. Bosses may not need that much time to go to some locations and get an effect receiver to attack.

The best receivers available are Christian Watson, Sky Moore, George Pickens, John Mitchie and David Bell. It wouldn’t be surprising if the chiefs traded for one of them (most notably the top three mentioned on this list).

4. Crows also move up, making Lamar Jackson happy

crows moving from Marquis Brown Had to hurt Lamar Jackson, the quarterback who has yet to sign a lucrative contract extension has been traded as his close friend and more reliable target in the receiver. Baltimore rashod pitman And Devin DuVernay Its wide receiver, but needs more outside to help Jackson.

Eric DeCosta is a good general manager and will find someone for Jackson. The Ravens go up from 45th overall and rank among the best wide receivers remaining in the draft And Trade for a veteran wide receiver with one of their picks in the third or fourth round.

Baltimore two-thirds (No. 76, No. 100) and four-quarters (No. 119, No. 128, No. 139, No. 141) are in this draft plus a second. There is a lot of venture capital to add a newbie to a large-scale veteran receive in this draft.

Jackson will smile again after the second day.

5. Pirates get Bryce Hall at No. 33

So what would pirates do with this choice? There are plenty of ways Tampa Bay could go here, but adding weapons when attacking has always been the priority since then. Tom Brady Link. Tampa Bay has Leonard Fortnite and Geo Bernard, but Hall could be their number one straight in supplement time and an excellent change of pace to Fortnite.

Hall is an excellent background receiver and one of the toughest appearances in the country in pass-catching situations. Brady has always loved having this verification option, which is what Hole will provide for the first year pirate crime. Hall could also take on the role of the bell if needed, as his 41 touchdowns over the past two years are the most of any run-back. college football.

Tampa Bay has a luxury pick at number 33. They add to their explosive attack by picking Hall, equipping the unit to compete with Los Angeles rams For the best in NFC.