New York Jets soon receive a global welcome in the 2022 NFL Draft Score 2022-05-01 09:21:59


The 2022 NFL Draft is over. There are seven new members in New York Jets.

It’ll take a few years for us to really know how well the Jets are doing in their choices, but that won’t stop media critics from thinking for now.

Let’s take a look at the initial draft scores for the Jets. If you come forward, I ask you to remember the golden rule.

Draft grades are stupid…unless they praise the planes.

Entering this draft, the Jets had an additional first-round pick (from Jamal Adams Trading) and an additional selection from the second round (from Sam Darnold Trading), giving them two spots in the top ten and four in the top 38. And after finishing last in East Asia — fifth in six seasons — I thought they’d pick two potential out of three positions — head-on attack, wide receiver and Cornerback — with their top two picks. And that’s exactly what they did.

The Jets picked my highest rated corner in Ahmed “Sauce” Gardner (4) The highest rating in my country Garrett Wilson (10), all of them have a professional skill set. Then they went back to the first round to take Jermaine Johnson II (26) who had fallen on the board. He’s a really solid and all-around defensive side, having 12 sacks last season and being the best in the league. big bowl in january. I had Johnson number 11 my big board. These are three junior players from general manager Joe Douglas, for a team that needs to boost talent in all three positions.

However, Douglas & Company had an early selection in the second round for a good player, and they landed first in a row, Press Hall (36), the landing maker with some gadgets to be a weapon in the scrolling game. These are three of the best job prospects that Gates has penned – and a wonderful chapter from Douglas.

The only slight hit here is to wait until the fourth round for an offensive intervention, which means they should be fine George Fant And Macy Picton in 2022. Max Mitchell (111) is more of a developmental possibility that early-career swing swing could be. I think Jeremy Ruckert (101) It can be a useful court end in backup CJ Ozuma. Overall, this is one of the best kits for 2022.

Grade: A

Jets fans were thrilled to see the team get a great corner at Gardner, an elusive receiver at Wilson and a strong mover at Johnson, all in the first round. General Manager Joe Douglas rose to prominence with Johnson & Hall (best in the draft) without losing much value. He chose Ruckert over other needs in the third, but the former Buckeye has the potential to be a nice blocker/receiver as a pro.

Mitchell would at least be a valuable swing arm on Sunday, if not a key player on the right side. The Jets added another boost to the Clemons on day three, but their lack of picks in rounds 5-7 means they’ll have to add some unoccupied top-tier Agents.

Grade: A

Airplanes have been in a vicious circle lately. The end of the Mike Tannenbaum era carried an overarching mindset balanced with John Idzik’s era of thrift and pragmatism (although most of the draft picks they got failed to produce). It was followed by Mike McKinnan’s disastrous regime that buried the franchise…so far? As we mentioned in Draft of our nightly summary, I’m not sure people understand how hard the job Joe Douglas was and how far the list has gone. With this class, the team should be able to start seeing some results. The Ruckert was an interesting pickup. in the movie in Ohio Statehe may have taken on some of the same responsibilities as Kyle Jusczcyk and George Kittle in The 49ers“Attack, down to a few minutes, blocking style arc-style. This should be a true plug-and-play scenario for the Jets, who needed more players intimately familiar with the way offensive coordinator Mike LaFleur wants to manage their attack. Hole is exactly what he needs. Zach Wilson and Crime: Looking Back Can Turn a Playground Dead Play into Something. at Iowahe saved hurricanes from time to time when their offensive line was broken.

Full credit to Jets General Manager Joe Douglas – he had plenty of capital at his disposal and he put it to good use. The New York Jets added Sauce Gardner at the start of the first round, a pairing I saw coming from miles away and was writing about in January. Gardner looks in every way like a Richard Sherman clone, who compares the defense Robert Saleh built in San Francisco with the 49ers. They then gave Zach Wilson an explosive weapon on the outside with Jarrett Wilson as their second choice in the first round, a receiver that many considered the best option in the class.

But the Jets weren’t finished, adding to the edge as well with the trade back in the first round for Jermaine Johnson II, an experienced passer with a full kit off the edge. Putting him up against Karl Lawson would be a big deal for that defence.

Then on the second night of the draft, they added Hall Breece early in the second round, giving the Jets a solid 1-2 tandem between him and Michael Carter, and their skill sets complement each other perfectly. In the third round, although CJ Uzomah was signed to free agency, they put a court end on Ohio State, Jeremy Ruckert, who might set better numbers in the Pro than he did at Ohio State, when he was playing with the likes of Wilson and Chris Olaf – husband Top 15 receivers in the draft – every Saturday.

Also, Max Mitchell watched, interfering from Louisiana. He’s been a regular for four years and has seen time on both the right and left tackle, and he’s as technically sound as he is with Probability.

Grade: A

It may seem easy or even lazy to praise a team that made three picks in the first round, in part because the Jets are a bad club in 2021. But it runs deeper than that. General Manager Joe Douglas has fully reaped the fruits of offloading S Jamal Adams and QB Sam Darnold this year – players he didn’t pull – which is really why the Jets have so much demo capital at their disposal. To be sure, Douglas used it wisely. CB Ahmed “Seuss” Gardner (No. 4 overall), WR Garrett Wilson (No. 10) and RB Press Hall (No. 36) were all top performers in their positions this year. And by trading again in the first round at No. 26 for Florida By passing arrogant Jermaine Johnson II, Douglas may have scored one of the highly valued picks given that Johnson was considered a top 10 pick in some circuits. If planes were to come off the runway, Douglas’ two previous drafts would almost certainly be the main reasons for this. Grade: A +

I am astonished. This chapter was a damn near perfection of the planes. I think they finished with four talents in the first round, and they continue to find value down the entire board. Jermaine Johnson II is slightly ahead of the value they found in the bargain, but honestly you could pick Johnson II, Sauce Gardner, Garrett Wilson or Breece Hall and make a compelling argument as to why each was the better choice. This was a defining category for the franchise, and it has the power to bring the Jets back into gear.

Grade: A +

So there you have it. This year’s draft scores are certainly not stupid.