NBA Playoffs Round Two Predictions: Celtics and Heat meet for Eastern Crown. The return of the suns to the finals of the conference 2022-04-30 10:11:52


distance grizzly‘6-interval game on Timberwolves Friday, the second round of 2022 NBA The playoffs are set. Bad news in the East: khris middleton He is out for Milwaukee Series No. 3 versus No. 2 Boston, and Joel Embiid Out indefinitely with an orbital bone fracture and concussion as the No. 4 Sixers prepare to take on the top seed Miami Heat.

Embiid won’t play Game 1, but if he clears concussion protocols and manages to find a way to play through the orbital fracture, he won’t be officially disqualified anymore. In the West, it would be No. 1 suns opposite number 4 Mavericksand Grizzlies No. 2 vs No. 3 the Warriors.

Below are our employees’ picks for each series.

Writer’s Choice: heat at 5

Quinn’s Choice: heat at 5

Ward Henninger’s selection: heat at 5

Maloney’s Choice: Heating at 7

Wimbish’s Choice: Heating at 7

Botkin’s choice: Heating at 6

Herbert’s choice: heat at 4

Cassie Bloomin’s Choice: Heating at 7

Writer’s Choice: Celtics at 7

Quinn’s Choice: Celtics at 5

Ward Henninger’s selection: Celtics at 7

Maloney’s Choice: Celtics at 6

Wimbish’s Choice: Celtics at 6

Botkin’s choice: Celtics at 7

Herbert’s choice: Celtics at 6

Cassie Bloomin’s Choice: Celtics at 6

1. Phoenix Suns vs. 4. Dallas Mavericks

Writer’s Choice: suns at 6

Quinn’s Choice: Suns at 7

Ward Henninger’s selection: suns at 5

Maloney’s Choice: Suns at 7

Wimbish’s Choice: Suns at 7

Botkin’s choice: Suns at 7

Herbert’s choice: suns at 6

Cassie Bloomin’s Choice: suns at 6

2. Memphis Grizzlies vs 3 Golden State Warriors

Writer picking Warriors in 5

Quinn’s Choice: Warriors in 5

Ward Henninger’s selection: Warriors in 6

Maloney’s Choice: Warriors in 5

Wimbish’s Choice: Warriors in 6

Botkin picking Warriors in 6

Herbert’s choice: Warriors in 6

Cassie Bloomin’s Choice: Warriors in 6