NASA images show Perseverance landing debris on Mars | Engadget 2022-04-29 06:47:39



Back in February 2021, Perseverance chariot landed On Mars after a seven-month journey. A conical back shell protected it during deep space travel and during its fiery descent, while a parachute bearing the secret message “Dare to Mighty Things” slowed it down just enough for a safe landing. Perseverance had to leave these ingredients behind when she began roaming the planet. On April 19, the helicopter escorting the vehicle, the clevernessTake pictures of the debris left at the landing site — and now NASA has it Shared photos show what it looks like.

JPL’s Ian Clark said Perseverance has had the best-documented landing in history to date, but the Ingenuity images offer a different perspective that could help ensure a safe landing for future spacecraft. It includes Mars sample return probe The mission, which will retrieve samples collected by Perseverance so that it can be sent back to Earth for analysis. It was the program’s engineers who wondered if Ingenuity could take pictures of the wreckage.

“if [the images] Either it enhances our systems to work as we think they do or provides a single data set of engineering information that we can use to plan the return of a Mars sample, that would be great. And if not, the photos are still wonderful and inspiring,” Clarke explained.

In the image above, you’ll see the remainder of the back cover and the overall result of the spacecraft hitting the surface at 78 miles per hour. NASA noted that the protective layer of the shell remains intact, as well as the suspension lines that connect the shell to the parachute, now buried in dirt. Agency scientists will analyze the images over the coming weeks to determine the final verdict, which will likely include information that could help with future missions.

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