“My baby is in that car!” The unruly fight at the gas station ends with the driver smashing the vehicles 2022-05-01 16:23:57


(WXYZ) – “My Baby in That Car,” a heart-wrenching plea from a mother for mercy falls on deaf ears as a woman on a sermon crashes into not one but two cars at a gas station in Belleville, with a 7-month-old infant in the back seat.

Surveillance video shows the car stopping and the woman finally being able to get her baby out of the car and bring her into her arms for safety, but the attack isn’t over yet.

Surveillance shows a wild brawl at a gas station in the town of Van Buren

A woman, now identified by police as Aryeh Bennett, 26, grabbed a racket from the trunk of her car and smashed the driver’s side windshield.

The chaotic scene unfolds at the Shell gas station on Belleville Road and I-94. But what led to the attack?

Van Buren Police confirm that the two women from nearby towns were meeting to exchange baby clothes. The woman in the black car confronts Bennett and calls her “a burnt piece of toast” and the two get into a physical fight, but it isn’t long before the fists become insufficient.

“I went here and I was like OMG, what’s going on?” says Kim Lulow who was only trying to get gas when she heard the tires squeak and crash, then realized her burgundy truck had been hit.

“How can someone do that with a baby in their car. I can’t believe it,” Lulu says.

Bennett allegedly hit Lulu’s car with a racket as well, but Lulu says she’s thankful that no one was seriously injured and the angry woman reached for a racket, not a gun.

“Well, the way they are with guns nowadays. I mean you don’t know,” Lulu says.

Van Buren police quickly arrived at the scene and Bennett was arrested and faces a large number of charges and fines including two counts of assault with a deadly weapon. No charges were brought against the other woman involved in the altercation, but police confirmed that the 7-month-old was unharmed during the incidents.

In total, Bennett faces six counts including three felonies and up to 14 years behind bars.