Michelle Pfeiffer would consider playing Catwoman again 2022-04-29 08:26:30


at A recently published interview with The Hollywood Reporter, The actress said she is not against the idea.

“It will depend on the context, but, yeah, I’ll think about it,” Pfeiffer said.

That wouldn’t seem to make Michael Keaton, who played Pfeiffer in that role in 1992’s Batman Returns, unhappy.

“She manages to combine the nearly impossible of sexy, satirical, tragic, dangerous, and just plain good,” he told the newspaper.

Pfeiffer is currently starring as Betty Ford in the Showtime series “the first lady.”

And while her career seems to have slowed down for years, she said in the interview that she was simply focusing on raising her children with her husband, writer and producer David E. Kelly.

“I’d start hearing that I’m retired and I’d say, ‘Wait, no,’” Pfeiffer said.

For the record, at the time of the interview, she said she had never seen Zoe Kravitz as the cat in “Batman” Pfeiffer also said she was not comfortable enough to return to the cinema due to the pandemic.