Mel Keeper NFL Draft Scores 2022 2022-05-01 08:28:36


It was eventful 2022 NFL Draft by John Robinson and Tennessee Titans. I would have never guessed before Thursday night that AJ Brown wouldn’t be a Titan when the weekend was over. It was hard to even think of what they did on Thursday night because AJ is gone. The report that came in which said Brown wanted the most assured money of any receiver ever made understanding how it all happened a little easier.

While we know the next day draft rating is crazy, people all over the Recruitment World seem to love what the Titans were able to do during the three days of recruiting. With that being said, our old friend Mike Herndon made a great point on Twitter yesterday, the success of this draft category really goes back to Treylon Burks and Malik Willis. If they end up hitting these two guys it’d be easy a .

Mel Keeper Release score for each team. Gave the Titans a “B”. This is part of what he had to say:

As for Willis (86), I’m betting on his talent. He won’t start with Ryan Tannehill in 2022, but it shouldn’t be out of question that he’s developing fast enough to take over in 2023. Willis is extremely talented and has all the tools to be a great NFL player. . He landed in a perfect spot with just a little bit of instant pressure.

How do you feel about the entirety of this pilot chapter?