Manchin cuts ad for West Virginia Republican nominee who faces a Trump-backed challenger in the primary 2022-04-30 15:33:00


at 30 second video ad Released Friday, Manchin says, “Alex Mooney has proven he’s all about Alex Mooney. But West Virginians know David McKinley is all about us.”

McKinley and Mooney face off in the May 10 Republican primary in West Virginia’s second congressional district after the state lost a redistricting seat after the 2020 census.

In the ad, Manchin accuses Mooney and his “out-of-state supporters” of insinuating that McKinley supports Biden Sweeping rebuild better planHe said it was an “outright lie”.
“David McKinley has always been against reckless spending because it makes no sense to West Virginia,” says Manchin. not supported The President’s Climate Plan and Social Spending.

McKinley’s campaign posted the video on the Republican fundraising platform WinRed, writing, “Joe Manchin knows I’ve always fought waste spending and opposed liberal policies that don’t work for the people of West Virginia.”

CNN has reached out to the McKinley Campaign for comment.

Asked if Manchin endorsed McKinley, a spokesman for Senator Sam Runyon told CNN that “the ad speaks for itself.”

Mooney shared the announcement on Twitter on Saturday, writing: “Additional evidence that David McKinley is a complete and comprehensive RINO. Democrat Joe Manchin endorses it.”

Mooney infuriated McKinley in this cycle, withdrew $3.7 million to $2 million for his opponent through April 20, for all pre-primary filings with the FEC.

The winner would be the landslide winner of the general election for the second congressional district, covering the northern half of the state that would have supported Trump by 37 points in 2020.

Manchin, who will not be re-elected until 2024, is the only Democrat to represent the mountain state in Congress. He has a history of endorsements across the aisle. Last year, he chose to Return of Alaska Republican Senator Lisa Murkowski for 2022 Re-election, supporting Maine Republican Senator Susan Collins in 2020.
The West Virginia GOP is just one of many member vs member This year’s primaries due to redistricting. Later this month, Georgia Democrats Caroline Bordeaux and Lucy Macpath You will be competing for a seat in an Atlanta suburb. Illinois hosts two of these primaries in June: Democrats Sean Kasten and Mary Newman Both are running for a seat in a Chicago suburb while Republicans Rodney Davis and Mary Miller They are competing to redraw the Central Illinois region. And in Michigan, Democrats Andy Levine and Haley Stevens are bidding for a seat in suburban Detroit.

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