Los Angeles police said they will investigate the reporter who wrote about the department’s use of force against an inmate 2022-04-26 21:43:53


  • The Los Angeles County sheriff said he will investigate a Los Angeles Times reporter.
  • Aline Chakmedian books Last month, it was reported that the LASD attempted to cover up the use of force against an inmate.
  • Los Angeles County Sheriff Alex Villanueva accused the reporter of “criminal intent” over the article.

The mayor of Los Angeles County has announced an investigation of a Los Angeles Times reporter after she wrote a story about the department’s alleged cover-up of a video documenting the use of force against a handcuffed inmate.

In late March, Los Angeles Times reporter Allen Chekmedian books About the video clip in which a deputy is seen kneeling on the head of an inmate for three minutes after punching him in the face, also citing internal records.

The incident occurred in March 2021, and Sheriff Alex Villanueva, who is seeking re-election for a second term, confirmed that he was not aware of it until October.

Commander Allen Castellano said in a memo obtained by the outlet that the department did not press charges against the inmate “due to their nature and similarities to the use of force widely disseminated by George Floyd.”

An investigation by Villanueva is looking into how Chek Median obtained the video. The county mayor claims the video was “stolen property.”

Through Press Conference TuesdayVillanueva said the investigation will look into charges of conspiracy, burglary and unauthorized use of a database against Chekmedian, retired LASD commander Eli Vera, and Mayor Inspector General Max Huntsman.

Screenshot of a slide from an LASD press conference.

Screenshot from the Los Angeles County Police Department’s Facebook page

“This is stolen property that has been illegally removed from people with some intent – criminal intent – and will be investigated,” Villanueva added.

Vera, who was opposed to Villanueva in the mayor’s election, said the current mayor was aware of the incident “within days”. Huntsman investigates whether Villanueva lied about the incident and issued a summons to court To the sheriff for testimony or records.

LASD declined to comment on the investigation but told Insider that “Sheriff Alex Villanueva is committed to transparency and accountability.”

Kevin Merida, executive editor of the Los Angeles Times, said: in the current situation Villanueva’s attempt to “criminalize news reporting is inconsistent with well-established constitutional law.”

“We will vigorously defend the rights of Chekmedian and the LA Times in any action or investigation by the authorities,” Merida said.

The Los Angeles Times responded to the investigation’s announcement by sending a letter to the sheriff in protest, citing legal decisions protecting Chekmedian and her reporting.

“This disgraceful assertion appears to be a disguised attempt to intimidate Ms. Chekmedian into giving her unexaggerated (but wholly accurate) information about the conduct of individuals in your department and allegations of a cover-up by you and other officials,” attorney Jeff Glaser wrote in the letter.

David Lowe, legal director at the nonprofit First Amendment Coalition Los Angeles Times That the ministry’s alleged cover-up, as Tchekmedyian put it, was “a matter of general concern that the press has the absolute right if not the duty to write about it.”

“I’m surprised on some level, because what the mayor is doing reflects a fundamental misunderstanding of the basic First Amendment law,” Lowe said. “This has been settled for decades.”