Liberals melt after Musk claims Democrats ‘kidnapped by extremists’ 2022-04-29 08:55:57


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new Twitter owner Elon Musk Left minds smashed with Thursday tweets accusing her Democratic Party From moving too far to the left and “kidnapping by extremists”.

On Thursday evening, Musk posted a comic book on Twitter depicting the evolution of liberals from 2008 to now. The illustration showed that in 2008 both conservatives and liberals were equidistant from the center of the political spectrum, with Musk (“I”) depicted slightly to the left.

The drawing eventually showed Musk and the Conservative in the same places in 2021, but this time the liberal, now referred to as the “wake up ‘progressive’”, had scurried to the far left of the scale, moving the central point further left, leaving the former liberals Now on the conservative side of the scale.

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Elon Musk shares in an infographic how the liberals moved to the left.

Elon Musk shares in an infographic how the liberals moved to the left.

To make matters worse, Musk then stated that the Democratic Party is run by the far left. In response to writer Tim Urban’s assessment of Musk’s chart, the billionaire declared, “I’ve been very supportive of Obama for president, but today the Democratic Party has been hijacked by extremists.”

The liberals on Twitter couldn’t handle such a slap in the face.

Left-wing journalist David Levitt responded to the photo, tweeting: “This is propaganda.”

“It is now 100% clear that Musk is part of the GOP propaganda machine,” tweeted a liberal radio host and MSNBC contributor. Brigadier General Obaidullah. “I know you were hoping you were wrong – but Elon Musk is clearly just as vile as you thought.”

The liberal commentator Sean King I couldn’t believe the musk drawing. He tweeted: “The right hasn’t moved at all in the last 20 years? Zero movement? That’s what this illustration says.”

“Sorry for being the opposite of this, Muskrat,” Half Keith Olbermann.

Elon Musk claims the Democratic Party "kidnapped by extremists."

Elon Musk claims that the Democratic Party has been “hijacked by extremists.”

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“With that kind of reception, I’m not sure your plaza would be such a cool place,” MSNBC anchor Katie Fang wrote in a tweet.

“All Ronald Reagan’s brain damage but none of the magic,” novelist Jacob Bacharach wrote on Twitter.

Songwriter Richard Marx tweeted, “I’ve been an independent and have voted for both parties my whole life. Please provide the democratic equivalent of banning books or abortion or supporting and enabling the uprising.”

Left-wing writer Thor Benson commented on Musk’s statement, “I’m beginning to believe this guy is not an impartial observer.”


Actress Valerie Bertinelli criticized Musk, tweeting: “I don’t know who or what is brainwashing you but wake up and think for yourself.”

MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter tweeted, “Given his new purchase, this is an ominous tweet from @elonmusk and a poorly informed tweet. One of our major political parties has become a white grievance party set to re-nominate an authoritarian pro-Putin demagogue who tried to stage a coup, not the Democrats.”