Kylie Jenner said in court that Blac Chyna threatened her via a text message while dating Tyga: ‘She sent me a bunch of devilish emojis’ 2022-04-26 13:18:56


  • Kylie Jenner testified in court on Monday that Blac Chyna threatened her via text message.
  • Jenner said Chyna sent “satanic symbols” intended to convey the threat.
  • She also said her brother Rob Kardashian said Chyna tried to “kill him,” which Chyna denied.

Kylie Jenner said in court on Monday that Blac Chyna threatened her via a text message, according to the Associated Press.

Chyna, birth name Angela White, is suing the Kardashian family for allegedly forcing her to E! to Cancellation “Rob and Chyna,” her reality show with her ex-husband, Rob Kardashian. The series, which premiered in 2016, aired for one season. Inside, I mentioned earlier That the Kardashian family denied Chyna’s allegations, saying in court that Chyna’s restraining order against Rob halted any plans for a second season.

“From what I remember she sent me a bunch of devil emoji Jenner said something like “Countdown the days ‘so you can hit me’ or something,” Jenner said, later explaining why she didn’t contact the authorities about these messages at the time.

“I didn’t report it, because I assumed they were empty threats,” continued Jenner, who was a teenager at the time.

Jenner, 24, said on the platform Monday that she believes Chyna is upset about her relationship with Chyna’s ex-partner, Tyga. Tyga, whose birth name is Michael Ray Stevenson, started dating Chyna in 2011 and separated in 2014, According to Billboard. The two share a son named King Cairo Stevenson. Billboard added that it was later rumored that Jenner and Tyga were dating in 2014 when the reality star was 17 and the rapper was 24.

“I felt that dating the father of her child had something to do with him, and she might have been out with my brother for other reasons,” she said on the podium on Monday.

Jenner also said that she tried to warn her brother Rob about Chyna

Blac Chyna arrives at the Academy Awards on February 9, 2020 in Los Angeles.

Blac Chyna arrives at the Academy Awards on February 9, 2020 in Los Angeles.

Richard Shotwell/AFP

Jenner said on the stage on Monday that she tried to warn Rob about possible hidden Chyna films and “felt my duty to voice my concerns, but in the end it’s up to him.”

She added that she was happy with their 2016 engagement and subsequent pregnancy, but remained skeptical.

“I was happy for my brother at the time, but I was just curious how it would go,” she said.

Jenner previously testified that Tyga told him Chyna cut him off with a knife During an argument while they were together. She also said in court that her brother appeared upset after Chyna wrapped a phone cord around his neck in 2016. Earlier in the trial, Chyna said it was “just ridiculous” While celebrating the green light of season 2, ‘Rob & Chyna’.

Jenner, who returned to the podium on Tuesday, said Rob “used the words, ‘She was trying to kill me.’”