Katie Taylor defeats Amanda Serrano with a split decision in classic history making | Daz News United States 2022-04-30 21:05:22


Taylor wins by split decision

What a fight. What a win for Taylor. Rematch will be easy, easy, and easy selling.

We go to the scorecards

96-94 Serrano – 97-93 Taylor – And… 96-93 Taylor!

round 10

Holy (beep) What a final round – what a massive open end with both fighters swapping. Serrano ended up cutting badly in the right eye when all was said and done, and I think she wouldn’t finalize Taylor in fifth because my scorecard reads 7-3 Taylor in rounds.

Round 9

The referee has to keep an eye on the timekeeper in the final stages of the rounds for his seriousness, as he struggles to hear the bell noises in the park. This tour is more likely to split viewers than any other. But Taylor’s boxing is still better for me.

Round 8

Taylor’s left shoots Cyrano over and over, but this fight can easily come down to good margins every round (except for the fifth round at least) on the cards of the three people whose opinions matter most. For me, it’s 5-3 Taylor.

Round 7

A very close tour and another one with a full action. I think Cyrano overtook him, and finished the cleanest shots in the closing stages as well. 4-3 in rounds for the Irish star.

Round 6

This fight is amazing. They really open up about each other, but luckily for Taylor, she’s been able to mostly avoid the danger she faced in Part V and get back to her style on the outside. 4-2 for the hero, but you still have to play.

Round 5

Serrano’s huge tour, it really ties them together and has Taylor in deep water serious. Her best and most sustained attack of the fight to date and Taylor looked wounded. 3-2 in the rounds for the champ, but will you be able to catch the second winds from that round?

Round 4

Taylor alternates her approach with enough frequency and variety to keep the challenger guessing, and the sheer speed of her hand keeps her grounded. 3-1 to the champ but Cyrano is far from this fight.

Round 3

Fantastic tour. Taylor’s book ends the two minutes with a great boxer to beat him, even though she was on the receiving end in the middle of it. The bell rings right after the best fight exchange yet. Little champ up front, two rounds for one.

Round 2

Better than Cyrano. Good territory, a couple of groups. Taylor continues to look for ways but I can tell even two years later.

round 1

A good start to the fight. Taylor seems totally dedicated to boxing with speed and accuracy. Serrano is having some joy with some good goals in the midsection but this is Taylor’s run to start.

We’re going!

The reference gives the final instructions, the seconds are clear from the ring and here is the bell of the first round. 10 rounds, 2 minutes per round.

Introductions in the ring

The volume level shows no signs of calming down. This will be some scene. And it’s never too late to adjust!

Here comes the hero

This atmosphere within MSG is something else for both men.

Taylor vs. Cyrano: Ringwalks

We had the Puerto Rican, Irish and American national anthems. Now, here’s the challenger!

Smith wins by stoppage in round 10

is over! Smith tied by stopping in the tenth! He immediately got back to work at the start of the tour and Vargas had enough trouble on the ropes to be able to shake it off. Great performance, massive win!

Round 9

A great run from Smith, not only is he steadying again after Vargas’ eighth improvement but could have him cross the line in regards to the judges, although we’ll see what those three have to say if he goes a distance. Right now it’s 6-3 Beefy on my card.

Round 8

I prefer Vargas’ round in a short while, with better movement and some nice counter strikes. I had him trailing Smith 3-5 in rounds.

Round 7

Closer with regard to clean lands, but it is likely that Smith would please too many rulers for aggression and control over this. I’ve upped it from five rounds to two at the moment.