Joe Biden Rips Fox News’ Hypocrisy, mocks low polls, praises Trevor Noah and shows WHCD that he’s getting a “Let’s Go, Brandon!” 2022-04-30 21:53:00


Most of Los Angeles’ top comedic talent is on hand this weekend at the opening of Netflix Is A Joke Festival, but the country’s best jokes, literally and figuratively, were at the White House Correspondents’ Dinner in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

Stick to a winning strategy of self-deprecation, Mr. President Joe Biden He opened his speech with “special thanks to the 42% of you who actually applauded,” an apparent comment on his low poll numbers. The president then immediately addressed his mass media audience as “the only group of Americans with a lower approval rating than I have.”

Biden will follow his speech by praising “good journalist, good sarcasm.” Trevor Noah. daily offer The host has the rather not-so-good job of roasting a POTUS in front of the same man, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, as well as several Paramount Global chairs, colleagues and cabinet members.

Remembering how enchanted he was when he called Noah Biden “America’s new father” after the 2020 election, the 80-year-old POTUS added perhaps his best delivery of the night, “I’m flattered when anyone calls me anything new.”

Tonight, in his first WHCD since getting the top job and first POTUS in shindig since Barack ObamaSwan song microphone in 2016, Biden had to tread carefully in his remarks. Working with his staff and some outside talent in his speech, the president’s happy crowd had to be sure to get some laughs while not appearing insensitive to the economic woes of many Americans and the carnage of Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine.

In this context, and with concerns about the dangers of Covid from the WHCD grouping, Biden took a direct swipe at the media outlet who made it harder for their hypocrisy. “Everyone had to prove they were fully vaccinated and be bragging about it,” POTUS said. “So if you’re at home watching this, and wondering how to do it, just call your favorite Fox News reporter, they’re all here, vaccinated and bragged, all of them.”

That last line of Biden garnered his biggest laugh and applause of the evening.

“Fox News, I’m really sorry for your candidate’s loss in the last election,” the president continued, telling a Rupert Murdoch-owned news reporter. Biden pointedly said, referring to the now-public relationship between Mark Meadows and the FNC host.

This line did not go well.

Following up on former Trump aide Mick Mulvaney when he was hired by CBS surprised Biden when he thought another former chief of staff “would end up in a disguised singer with Rudy,” he did much better.

After much needed swipes in the media, Biden has made some lanes in the Republican Party and his extreme positions. “Republicans today say they demolished the Mickey Mouse house,” he always said in the latest round of the pop culture wars. “Very soon, they will storm Cinderella’s castle, you can be sure of that.”

“It looks like the Republicans are supporting one of the guys, someone named Brandon,” Biden said, smiling at the cryptic insult directed at him that became the MAGA hymn. “He’s having a good year, and I’m happy for him.”

Covered live on Sea SpanAnd CNN On the small screen and online, the annual DC Lovefest is sure to be more star-studded tonight than it has in recent years. For one thing, this is the first live WHCD in two years due to the pandemic and the area was celebrating even more aggressively than Coachella this weekend. Second, an American president is actually under the roof for the first time in six years and you can’t really beat that because of the sheer nuclear symbols of the power of star welding.

Biden has been a regular player in DC since 1973, and has been a featured player on a number of past WHCDs over the decades. His presence was noticeable in 2014 when then-Veep pedaled to metal with fictional Veep Selina Meyers (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) in a short video that left the dance floor in legitimate stitches.

Biden on the video tonight was briefly in a vulnerable position James CordenSkit to leave now late late show A host is looking for a new gig as White House press secretary.

POTUS noted Corden’s exit in 2023 and said “if all goes well, I have a real chance to replace him”. Biden, who wears a tuxedo, dug a little deep into Corden’s mine by saying, “A great performer at the top after eight years in the business, seems to fit me.”

In a sign that we were suffering from a “horrific plague, followed by two years of Covid,” Biden went even tougher than expected in one turn with a swing of 45 POTUS when he referred to the “coup” that could have been the other man in attendance

Before Biden and Noah, there was more pre-recorded comedy from Tinseltown on Saturday as Billy Eichner appeared behind a podium with a presidential seal on it to pay homage to entertainment journalists sarcastically. Fly the Paramount flag high, CBS morning Co-host Gail King stepped into the ballroom to shout out to one of her bosses and present the event’s first Dunnegan Payne Lifetime Career Achievement Award. The award is named after the first two African-American women to serve as members of the White House press corps – a video of the room was also detailed.

King was in good shape as usual, but even if he was a potential POTUS, Eichner was a step ahead of the last guys.

Long welcome fort landing spot daily offer Alum, Past and Present, Dim WHCD in the Era of Previous Fault celebrity novice The host was partly because Trump was too humorless and too skinny to attend. That press didn’t help and the then president was in a constant embrace, to put it mildly, because of his politics and paranoia.

As it has for decades, the entire shebang takes place in a powerful 2,500-person Hilton ballroom filled with the top crust of American popular culture and the media. While the owner of the Washington Post and the world’s second-richest man, Jeff Bezos, isn’t around, this year’s celebrity list includes spotlights swinging between superstars like one-time Trump. Kim kardashian And the current lover SNLPeter Davidson, who was in Los Angeles last night for the Netflix Comedy Festival.

More predictably, CNN’s Jack Tapper, CAA’s Brian Lord, former and current White House official. MSNBC Contributing Simon Sanders, none of them had the level of security that brought Kardashian to her table. Additionally, CBS Entertainment Group President George Chicks, Showtime President David Nevins, media mogul Brian Allen, billionsCorey Stahl, Drew Barrymore, Florida’s 2024 Candidate, Ron DeSantis, California’s short-term gubernatorial candidate Caitlin Jenner, Director Mario Van Peebles, NBCU’s Jeff Shell, SAG-AFTRA prez Fran Drescher, UTA’s Jay Souris (who represents a number of cable news hosts), DC’s Caity Lotz just canceled legends of tomorrowand Steve Doocy and Peter Doocy of Fox News were there as well, among many other big players.

There were concerns, of course, that President Biden might be saved from showing up and making his remarks from afar. The specter of the 80th Beltway heavyweight who tested positive for Covid-19 after the Gridiron dinner earlier this month surely hangs over the 79-year-old commanding general’s appearance at WHCD tonight. Add to that, Vice President Kamala Harris tested positive earlier this week and White House scientific advisor Dr. Anthony Vasey decided not to attend this year due to concerns about another big D.C. distribution company, and clearly no one would have upset Biden.

But that didn’t prove necessary, did it?