Jeff Bezos is ranked third among the richest people in the world after losing 20 billion dollars in one day 2022-04-29 12:01:00


Jeff Bezos saw his fortune drop by $20 billion on Friday, making him the third richest person in the world, after Amazon stock is down After a pessimistic earnings report.

As of Friday, Bezos’ net worth is $150 billion – down from $170.5 billion the day before. According to Forbes magazine.

Now, Bezos ranks third among the world’s richest people, behind No. 2 Bernard Arnault, the French luxury mogul whose net worth is currently estimated at $157.7 billion.

The richest man in the world, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Who is about to get Twitter For $44 billion, she has a net worth of $246 billion, says Forbes.

The Amazon founder’s fortune has taken a huge hit since it peaked at $210 billion last year, making him the world’s richest person at the time. That’s despite his 2019 divorce from MacKenzie Scott, his college sweetheart, who acquired 25% of his Amazon stock in a settlement.

Scott’s net worth also fell due to Amazon’s defeat on Friday, dropping from $6 billion to $36.8 billion, according to Forbes magazine.

Jeff Bezos' net worth recently was $152.3 billion.
Jeff Bezos’ net worth recently was $152.3 billion.
Bezos with Gal Pal Lauren Sanchez
Bezos lives a high-end life with gal pal Lauren Sanchez.

Since its peak, Bezos has taken a rebate of $57 billion, According to Bloomberg News,. In fact, before Friday’s massacre, Bezos’ fortune had already fallen by more than 23% year-to-date, as Amazon stock was hurt by the post-pandemic slowdown in online spending as well as increased labor costs and soaring inflation rates.

Bezos currently owns 55.5 million shares in the company, or 11.1% of the stock, according to company filings.

Bezos’ colossal fortune made headlines recently when Dutch officials were reported to be considering plans to dismantle part of a 140-year-old bridge to make way for His $500 million luxury yacht is under construction near Rotterdam. The Conservatives said they would Bombing the luxury cruiser with rotten eggs If you follow the city through.

View of Jeff Bezos' yacht.
Bezos’ $500 million luxury yacht is under construction near Rotterdam.

Recently, Bezos is also living a high-end life with gal pal Lauren Sanchez. Recently, the couple was seen dating Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson, According to page six.

Amazon shares fell 14% on Friday after the Seattle-based e-commerce giant reported disappointing earnings for the first quarter of 2022.

While in-store sales are up, March is the first month to show a drop in online sales since the pandemic began, according to MasterCard SpendingPulse, which tracks spending across the MasterCard Payments network and survey estimates for other payments made with cash and checks.

Jeff Bezos has seen a massive blow to his fortune since it peaked at $210 billion last year.
Jeff Bezos has seen a massive blow to his fortune since it peaked at $210 billion last year.
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Amazon said it earned $7.38 per share – lower than analysts’ expectations that it will come in at $8.36 per share. According to CNBC. The company also posted revenue of $116.44 billion, beating expectations. Analysts expected $116.3 billion.

Amazon Web Services, the cloud computing division, also beat analyst expectations, generating $18.44 billion in revenue versus the $18.27 billion that had been expected.

But Amazon’s advertising division didn’t live up to Wall Street estimates, coming in at $7.88 billion versus forecasts of $8.17 billion.

Amazon also announced a $7.6 billion loss from its investment in electric car startup Rivian, which gave up half of its value in the quarter. Rivian lost $3.8 billion in the quarter.

Amazon’s revenue jumped 7% in the first quarter — a far cry from the 44% increase in revenue compared to the same period last year. This was the company’s slowest growth rate since the dot-com crash in 2001. Last quarter, Amazon also posted single-digit revenue growth.

Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO last year.  Behind him is Andy Gacy
Bezos stepped down as Amazon CEO last year. Behind him is Andy Gacy.
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The numbers don’t bode well for Amazon for the next quarter, with revenue forecasts ranging between 3% and 7%.

Amazon expects total revenue this quarter to be $116 billion to $121 billion — less than the $125.5 billion average analyst estimate, according to CNBC.

“The pandemic and subsequent war in Ukraine have brought extraordinary growth and challenges,” Andy Gacy, Amazon CEO, said in a statement.

Gacy took over the company after Bezos stepped down as CEO last year.

In his first year as CEO, Gacy earned $212 million in total compensation. Of that amount, his base salary was only $175,000. The rest is derived from stock options and other awards.

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