Jaguars want to back out on a few points, but can’t find any contestants – ProFootballTalk 2022-04-28 10:19:00


NFL: April 25, 2019 NFL Draft

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Jaguars announced last week that they have narrowed their range of potential #1 overall picks to four. Practically speaking, this means that they can move up to fourth place while still having one of the players on their roster.

According to the league’s source, the Jaguars are still hoping to find a way out of the top. However, they continued to find no takers.

Last week before the press conference was drafted, General Manager Trent Balkey said No one has contacted us about trading. This does not mean that it will not happen. Teams can wait until the right moment to make a move.

It depends on whether the team likes a player big enough to justify the promotion. There is still no indication that the Lions are in 2nd, or the Texans are in 3rd, or the Jets are in 4th, or someone else has become smitten enough with any one player to make the move.

Our guess is that it won’t. Whether it does or not is one of the things that will or won’t play before Jacksonville’s 10-minute window ends later tonight.