It’s a great brawl when Stubby Clapp deals with a “big tough guy” | dissident 2022-04-28 08:22:00


As far as bench-setting rules go, the fight that erupted at the bottom of the eighth inning of the New York Mets game against the St. Louis Cardinals on Wednesday hit all the right notes. You have your own frustrated Mets, and it boils frequently immersed in the painting; Obvious retaliation from Mets loyalist Yuan Lopez, who sprinted at high speed and inside and later said, of course, that the pitch turned away from him; interference from the Cardinals’ first base coach, fancifully named Stubby Clapp; The Cardinals’ pitcher tumbles over the wall of the bulls rather than using the stairs; Debriefing about a post-game brawl in which Mets star Pete Alonso called himself “the big tough guy” several times. These are the moments for baseball fans.

It all started at the top of eighth place when Mets hitter JD Davis was dug in the foot by a pitch from Genesis Cabrera and had to leave the game.

The Mets, who has led the MLB in HBPs this season – 19 so far, including three from Tuesday night’s game against the Cardinals – appeared to retaliate immediately, as Lopez threw a stinger near Nolan Arenado’s head.

Arenado shouted at Lopez, “do it againThen both teams jumped out of their hiding places.

If you keep an eye on the left side of the scrum, you’ll see Cardinals 1st base coach Stubby Clapp grab a Mets slugger Pete Alonso from behind and do a bodyslam. Stabby looked like he was having a great time:

Screenshot: SNY

Another angle shows loyal Cardinals Giovanni Gallegos jumping over a wall of bulls and running into the melee.

Post-game interviews were fairly typical, with each team dismissing the other team’s actions while taking no problem with their actions, but it was Alonso, the man thrown to the floor by a man named Staby, who made the funniest set of quotes. You already know things are going in the right direction when Alonso starts his answer by talking about how he felt “caught” during Tuesday’s game, and then goes on to talk about the big tough guy.

“I’m a big guy, a big strong guy, the manager obviously wants to protect his team.”

“For me, I’m a big strong guy, they don’t know my nerves, they don’t know what I can do. I mean, if I wanted to put someone in the hospital I could easily, but I was just there trying to protect my buddies.”

So let the record show: Stubby Clapp really knows how to mix it up and Pete Alonso is a big tough guy.