“I thought we were fired,” Tweet said. CEO Parag Agrawal replied 2022-04-28 06:10:45


“I thought we were fired,” Tweet said.  CEO Parag Agrawal replied

The Twitter CEO explained that his team is and is still working with the company.

New Delhi:

After Tesla and SpaceX boss Elon Musk grabbed Twitter with a $44 billion cash deal, the internet has become awash with speculation about what newly appointed CEO Parag Agrawal has in store. However, Agrawal appears to be confident about his future in the company. At least that’s what he seems to be trying to anticipate with responses to tweets about this issue.

On Twitter user Suhail’s sympathetic post regarding the social media giant’s Indian-born CEO’s past plans, Mr.

“I feel for the current Twitter CEO (paraga) – he has all these plans and is now living with the same uncertainty as his entire team,” Sohail wrote on Twitter.

The Twitter CEO responded with thanks and seemed to dismiss the concern.

“Thank you, but don’t feel for me. The most important thing is the service and the people who improve it,” he said.

Mr Agrawal had last night laid out his vision for the company before he took the top position and he was proud of his colleagues who continue to work with “focus and urgency despite the noise”.

“I took this job to change Twitter for the better, correct course where we need it, and enhance service. Proud of our employees who continue to work with focus and urgency despite the hype,” he wrote on Twitter.

A satirical account called “Les Parag Agrawal” responded with “I thought we were fired.” Then the Twitter CEO clarified that his team is and is still there.

“No! We’re still here,” he said.

Shortly after Mr. Musk’s successful bid to buy Twitter, former CEO of the microblogging site Jack Dorsey dropped a series of tweets, indicating that he supported the move. He said Elon Musk was the “only solution” he trusted “to take him back from Wall Street and the advertising model.”

He said Mr. Musk’s goal of creating a platform that is “ultimately reliable and broadly inclusive” is right and Parag Agrawal shares it, which is why he chose it as his alternative.