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YouTube has evolved over the years, featuring some of the most innovative and practical features for video content creators. On the flip side, it added several new quality of life features for viewers – including the ability to repeat videos. Let’s go over how to loop a YouTube video.

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quick answer

To loop a YouTube video, right-click anywhere on your video. From the options that appear, tap Knot.

To loop a video on the YouTube mobile app, start playing your video. Click anywhere on the video once to bring up the video controls, then press the gear shape more button at the top right. handle recurring video to start repeating your video.

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Can you put a video on repeat on YouTube?

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If you have been using YouTube for a long time, you may remember that repeating YouTube videos was only possible with third-party sites and apps. This is no longer the case.

In 2015, YouTube moved away from Adobe Flash Player in favor of HTML5. By doing so, they were able to implement their own system to allow viewers to repeat videos locally on desktop a program. This feature was introduced in 2016.

In 2021, they bring the loop function to a file YouTube mobile app to IphoneAnd IPADAnd Android devices.

How to loop a YouTube video (desktop)

go to Youtube In a browser on your computer. Find the video you want to repeat, then click on it to start playing it.

Locate the video you want to repeat

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Right click anywhere on the video itself.

Right click anywhere on the video itself

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tap on Knot button. This is like two arrows rotating clockwise.

Click an episode of options

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Your video is now duplicated. If you want to make sure your video is repeated, right-click on the video again; There should be a check mark next to Knot button.

When your video is looped, it will have a checkmark that looks like this

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How to Repeat Play a YouTube Video (Android and iOS)

Open the YouTube app on a file Android or iOS Device. Locate the video you wish to repeat, then start playing it.

Click on the video to reveal gear 1

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When the video starts playing, click on it once to reveal the video controls. Click on the gear shape more button at the top right.

Click on the video loop

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From the menu that appears, tap recurring video button. When your video is repeated, it will say employment Next to recurring video button.

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questions and answers

Can you play a YouTube video on repeat for views?

YouTube does not count episodes against unique views.

How to play a song on repeat on YouTube?

Find the song you want to play Repeat on YouTube. Start it and then right click anywhere on the video. From the options that appear, tap Knot.