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Whether you want to lip-sync with a song or add a monologue, audio is paramount in TikTok entertainment. If you create a particularly unique tone, it can also inspire other creators to save it for use in their videos, further spreading your content. Here’s how to make your own sounds on TikTok.

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To make a sound on TikTok, record the sound you want while making a video. Then, after publishing the video, click Spinning Record in your video to save the audio for reuse again.

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How to make a voice on TikTok

First, think about the type of audio you want to use in your video. Is it a funny reaction or a strange environmental effect? Depending on the sound you want, you may need to position yourself in a secluded location to better pick up the noise.

When you’re ready to sign up, tap mail to Make a TikTok video And hold down the red record button on your screen.

TikTok record

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You can set how long you want to record (3 minutes, 60 seconds, or 15 seconds). However, you can shorten the length of your audio clip afterward, so don’t worry too much about overdoing it.

Whatever sound you record will become your original voice. If you want to use something different, you can browse a variety of songs and playlists on TikTok by clicking add audio at the top of the screen. You can combine these with your voice.

TikTok sounds

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by clicking Effects To the left of the record button, you can also find some a musician Guided filters that change the video to different rhythms.

TikTok Music Effects

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When you are happy with your voice, tap next one. sYou can play with your voice more in the editing phase, such as slowing it down in slow motion or adding a sound effect. Learn more at our guide For all editing tools available.

finally, mail Your TikTok to post your votes – no recording label needed. Once published, you can click the rotate history at the bottom right of the video to save the audio.

Spinning record TikTok

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handle Add to favorites To use the audio later. Otherwise, click Use this sound To create a new TikTok video with your custom voice.

TikTok original sound

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How to make a voiceover on TikTok

Audio feedback can be fun and effective, whether it’s commenting on current events or listing your pet’s thoughts. While editing your TikTok video, click on Voiceover on the right side.

TikTok voiceover

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You can add an audio commentary on the entire video or press and hold the record button to add an audio commentary on specific sections.

Vote by TikTok

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Popular sounds change over time, but some of the most popular sounds used on TikTok in 2022 include “Oh no” by Kreepa and “Monkeys Spinning Monkeys” by Kevin MacLeod.

How do I find a specific voice on TikTok?

When editing a video, tap add audio at the top of the screen, then search for the song you want in the TikToks database. If you don’t know the name of the song, you can view the top popular TikTok sounds here. You can also search for the song title in the app and tap the record rotary icon to download the audio of the video.

What is “original audio” on TikTok?

“Original Audio” is the unfiltered recording of your video. In other words, it is any sound your microphone picks up while you are recording your video.