How to delete your Telegram account 2022-04-26 08:30:05


Telegram is versatile and useful chat app, but you can delete your Telegram account if you no longer want to use it or it no longer suits your needs. Telegram lets you do this in two ways on desktop and mobile.

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quick answer

You can delete your Telegram account in a file Settings List of mobile apps below PRIVACY AND SECURITY > delete my account. eavesdropping If it is far from It displays a menu where you can choose to delete your account if you are inactive after a month, three, six months or one year.

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How to delete your account in the Telegram mobile app

The Telegram mobile app allows you to delete your account, but not immediately. However, it is generally not very complicated. First, open the mobile application. Next, the steps will take you deep into some of the lists.

  • Tap the menu icon near the top left corner of the Telegram app.
  • Choose Settings.
  • Scroll down to delete my account and press If it is far from.

Then a popup will appear that reads Account self-destruct With options to delete your account if you are not using the Telegram app for a certain period of time. They include one, three, or six months (the default) and one year. If you don’t sign in at any time after selecting one of these options, your account will automatically delete itself. Includes your message history and Contacts very.

How to delete your account on the Telegram web portal

If you do not want to wait at least a month to delete your account, you should use a file Telegram web portal. You can do this on a cell phone or a desktop browser. The steps are the same in both cases.

  • Enter the phone number you used to create your Telegram account and tap next one.
  • You will receive a notification with a confirmation code via the Telegram app (not by text message).
  • Enter this confirmation code in Confirmation code field on the site.
  • tap on delete account The link is on the next page.
  • You can enter the reason for leaving in the box on the next page, then click delete my account button.
  • Choose Yes, delete my account Upon request.

Make sure you don’t share the confirmation code you sent with anyone. It can be used to delete your Telegram account without your knowledge. The above process is irreversible, so make sure you really want to do it before doing it. You will lose all of your messages and contacts, but any groups you created will continue to exist.

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questions and answers

Can I just disable my Telegram account?

No, Telegram does not allow you to deactivate your account and then reactivate it later. You can stop using Telegram, but, as mentioned, doing so for a set period of time means self-destructing your account.

Can I recreate my Telegram account after deleting my old account?

Yes, but you may have to wait a bit after deleting the old one. Then, you can go ahead and use the same name for a new account if desired.