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New Orleans – with top seed Phoenix Suns At some risk with injury to one rising star swans A team that gives them trouble, the future Hall of Famer Chris Paul He gave a distinguished series performance, including the best shooter of his career to end the shutdown.

Paul rode his favorite play, making NBA history as he became the first player ever to shoot 14 of 14 en route to 33 points to lead a comeback 115-109 Game 6 victory Thursday night.

Just Wilt Chamberlain He scored more unmistakably, once in 18 of 18 and once in 16 of 16, both in regular season games.

Paul’s biggest attempt was his last, being pulled 10 feet into the fairway with 28 seconds remaining which bounced around the edge before falling. Combined with two 19-point fourth quarters earlier in the series and a 16-point first half in pivotal Game 5, it was clear Paul was the difference-maker in getting his team into the second round.

It was needed as Devin Booker He missed three and a half games with a hamstring injury. Booker struggled to come back on Thursday and wasn’t quite the same as he scored just 13 points. But he made a vital triple indicator with 1:42 letting the Suns lead forever, from feeding Paul of course.

The Pelicans threw it all in the face but Paul scored from seven different defenders. Most of them came in his trademark style, from the mid-range screens I selected Dender Eaton He frequently hits his favorite spots to get comfortable shots despite the pressure.

The Suns rode the play to a hot streak in the third quarter, making 13 of their first 14 shots after halftime to erase the Pelicans’ 10-point lead. Paul made six jumps in the quarter while Eaton, who started the game by recording his first seven shots, made two cuts. Eaton finished with 22 points in a 10-of-12 shootout, a devastating 1-2 punch.

Overall, Paul scored 18 goals in 18 field goals and free throws, becoming the fifth player to achieve such perfection in the shot clock era and the first to do so in the playoffs, according to ESPN Statistics and Information research. His perfect 11 vs. 11 shot from outside the paint is the most shots created from outside the paint by any player over the past 25 years, including the regular season or the playoffs.

The Suns also changed its style to star in Pelicans Brandon Ingram, which was difficult to deal with in most of the series. Head coach Monty Williams threw double-footed teams in the face and Ingram struggled for space as he only hit 8 of 17 shots for 21 points with 11 rebounds.

Suns will face the winner of MavericksJazz a series.