Here’s everything Toyota has changed for the manual Supra 2022-04-28 08:39:47


After years of waiting and begging from enthusiasts, Toyota has finally added a manual transmission option to the A90 Supra. Available with a three-spoke shifter, the 2023 Supra also gains a host of suspension and drivetrain changes that Toyota has promised will make the car’s drive even better than before.

Toyota says the six-speed manual gearbox has been tuned specifically for use with the BMW-sourced twin-turbo B58 inline-six. From 2023 onwards, this means it’s available in two of the six included trims, 3.0 and 3.0 Premium. There’s also a new third trim for 2023 called the A91-MT. Available only with the stick, it’s limited to 50 degrees only and comes with everything in the 3.0 Premium seats plus the brown leather seats, featuring a unique red badge. In a teaser for the car, red pillar turret bars, and Alcantara shift knob. The Four-cylinder Supra base It will only remain automatic.

There’s no word on whether it’s the new transmission from BMW or one of Toyota’s own designs, but given how easy a BMW gearbox is to modify, we’re betting on the former. The clutch is a newly designed piece with a larger friction area and reinforced diaphragm spring. There is Toyota’s Intelligent Manual Transmission (iMT) system on board, which when activated acts as a rev-matching feature. Manual Supras also get a shorter final drive ratio, jumping from 3.15 to 3.46 to deter sluggish starts and the feeling of low acceleration.

Inside the manual Supra, you’ll find a reworked center console that has been specially modified to ensure easy shifting and enough clearance so you don’t hit your hand on the dashboard. The weight, shape and work of the handle are also taken into account to reduce the effort required to perform shifts.

All 2023 Supras get a number of suspension and chassis improvements to improve balance on the road and ride comfort, according to Toyota. Both the shock absorbers and the electrically assisted steering have been reset, while all 3.0 models now come with an active differential as standard. On the software side, the 2023 Supras gets a new feature called Hairpin+, which allows more wheel spin that gets out of sharp bends on an ascent slope of more than five degrees. The traction and stability control systems have also been recalibrated.

Toyota Supra 2023 manual pricing will be revealed later this summer. We don’t expect a third pedal to be an expensive option compared to the $51,640 in 2022. Deliveries are scheduled to begin later this year.

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