Head back to Grizz again, finish the Wolves at 6 2022-04-29 22:41:00


MINNEAPOLIS – A series of the first round, most notably the drama grizzly Comebacks, posters, outrageous trouble, and the health service ended trash talk at Game 6 Friday night, as Memphis wiped out Minnesota Timberwolves 114-106 with another exciting spike.

The Grizzlies have advanced to the conference semi-finals for the first time since 2015 and will host Golden State Warriors At Game 1 on Sunday in Memphis (ABC, 3:30 p.m. ET).

“The serial was a battle,” Point Guard Memphis Ja Morante She said. “We knew every match was going to be a tough fight. Coming in we knew, with this team, we weren’t going to win this series in one match. We knew every match was going to be a tough fight, and we had to get into a closed position and bring our energy in from the start. Obviously wins. It was pretty ugly outside of Game 2, but we got it done.”

For the third time in the series, Memphis on Friday beat out a double-digit lead in the fourth quarter. As the Grizzlies snagged the lead and took the lead in the final minutes, focus fell on the long-suffering Timberwolves crowd at Target Center who had just witnessed one of the most historic meltdowns in NBA history in Game 4 less than a week ago.

“I feel like we’re always confident no matter the outcome,” Morant said. “We treat it as pretty much zero.”

The Grizzlies are in a streak of falling back in the first three quarters, only to use a few timely shots and defensive pauses, as well as beat the Timberwolves on the attacking glass to strike back.

“Hopefully we have a better start,” the Grizzlies striker Dillon Brooks She said. “We don’t want to get ourselves into this predicament, but we always find a way to fight back. Like a coach [Taylor Jenkins] He said in the locker room, “There is no one way to win the NBA playoffs.” There are a lot of ways to win and we’ve come up with one.”

Memphis guard Desmond Ben, the deadliest sniper of the series, hit the 3-pointer with three minutes remaining to give Memphis their first lead in the second half. Morant unleashed one of his patented acrobatic kicks soon after, then the Twin Cities native Teos Jones A critical 3-pointer drain at the shot-clock bell with 1:09 left in the game pushed the Grizzlies’ lead to four, and Memphis would never concede.

The Grizzlies beat the Timberwolves by 62 points in the fourth quarter of the series, the best fourth-quarter difference in any series in NBA history, according to ESPN statistics and information. Memphis are the first team to score three wins to overcome a double-digit deficit entering the fourth quarter in a single stage after one season, and they accomplished that feat in one series of round one.

“I fell over a dozen a lot of the time and we came back and won,” Morant said. “We know the game isn’t over until zeros appear on the scoreboard at the end of the fourth quarter.”

The series has featured a number of young stars, including Morant and the Big Man Garen Jackson Jr.., Minnesota Center Cities of Karl Anthony and the wing Anthony Edwards. All of them enjoyed sublime moments and endured difficult struggles.

Edwards put on the most consistent set of works in his playoff streak for the first time. Cities were dominant in the Timberwolves win twice, but they had a bad problem with losses. Jackson, who spent much of the series in bad trouble, wasn’t able to create any kind of offensive game until the second half of Game Six. 16 shots in six matches.

But it was Morant who garnered the most attention in the series. 2022 All-Star Game During his third campaign, Morant averaged 27.4 points per game during the regular season and led the NBA in points in the paint. His late heroics in Game 5 led to another Memphis comeback, but he remained in scrutiny for much of Game 6, as he was in the series. Although he finished with just 17 points, Morant was instrumental in the role of the Grizzlies when they made their comeback in the fourth quarter. He finished with 11 assists.

As has been the case in many series, the Grizzlies’ formula for success in Game 6 included creative playmaking by Morant, Bane shooting outside and activity around the basket from the reserve post. Brandon Clark.

For Bane, a sophomore, the series proved to be one of the brightest young shooters in the NBA. Final pick in the first round of the 2020 Draft, Bane led the Grizzlies in the series with 23.6 points per game over an impressive 66.6 real shot percentage and 46.8% from outside the arc.

“If you ask me, the best player in the series is this guy right here,” Morrant said while sitting next to Payne at a post-match press conference. “Over and over again, he put in a great performance. He took some big shots for us, he even kept us in the game, and he gave us a lead.”

The semi-final conference series between Memphis and Golden State is a clash between the most experienced NBA team, which has won three titles with its current core, and one of the youngest teams in the NBA, which has reached the top level in the league ahead of schedule.

After the match, Morant was visibly exhausted, resting his head on the podium among testimonials about the contributions of his teammates. Asked how the Grizzlies would prepare for a showdown with the Warriors in just 36 hours, Morant replied, “Go to sleep.”

After some teasing from Bane, Morant expanded on his plans.

“Go to sleep, wake up in the morning, travel and then lock the game.”