Hannity takes a defensive stance after revealing the stinging texts 2022-04-29 22:11:47


Sean Hannity again made it clear to viewers on his Friday night broadcast that he is not a journalist. In his own words, he is an outspoken “talk show host” about his political loyalties.

It may be no coincidence that the Fox News anchor took the time to justify how he did his same day job on CNN. mentioned in Text conversations Hannity had after the 2020 presidential election with Mark Meadows, then President Donald Trump’s chief of staff.

Messages, including those in a similar batch revealed before CNN last week, damned. They portray Hannity as taking on a role not unlike that of an activist in the Republican Party, i.e. taking direction from Meadows on Election Day exit initiatives to air on his afternoon radio show, as his “team digs into the numbers” trying to demonstrate widespread voter fraud, and even writing an advertisement for Trump’s re-election campaign.

Hannity began, as if those texts required translation: “I do my best to explain my job, because a lot of people in the media don’t understand what we’re doing.” “Yes, I am a member of the press… I am on Fox News – a news channel – but I don’t pretend to be a journalist. I pretend to be a talk show host.”

Hannity said he “can” produce first-hand news and investigative reports, but at the same time is “candid” about his identity.

“I’m a conservative record. Yes, I voted for Donald Trump. I don’t apologize, I give my opinions directly. We even do culture, we do sports – I’m like the whole newspaper.”

Hannity then reiterated what he has claimed in the past: that those on other networks are duplicitous in that they also have a political bent, but don’t reveal it.

“They’re talk show hosts just like me, except they’re not being honest about it,” Hannity insisted.