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Kawakami: ‘Nothing was so close yet’ – 49ers haven’t traded Deebo Samuel, but showdown remains (paywall)

“I have reported several times that I think this is mostly about a financial situation. Samuel, believing that his ‘wide-back’ role as a receiver as well as running backward exposes him to potential career shorting blows, may be seeking a guaranteed figure close to the $72.2 million that the Dolphins just listed On the new Tyreek Hill deal. The 49ers agreed that the thing that made him more valuable could also shorten his head years, they probably already told him they wouldn’t come close to that number.”

Five notes from the 49ers’ 2022 NFL Draft: No deals and a surprise pick back (paywall)

“The 49ers’ back-line defense looks explosive with three previous picks in the first round, and the second player — Jackson — is preparing to speed up the passer this season. The depth of the D-line could be even more impressive with the team adding to Davis’s penetrating inner rush at the end of the sixth round. He is recovering. Who ruptured his ACL 2021 and could get a red jersey… The team also added more weapons for Trey Lance, including receiver, Gray, who can take advantage of Lance’s big arm.However, the barriers in front of Lance are Straight are question marks. The right guard, for example, was a weak point when Shanahan and Lynch took over in 2017 and they installed Brandon Fusco. After six seasons, it’s no more stable, and now there’s a question in the left guard too, with Laken gone Tomlinson to the Jets in Free Agency”.

Kyle Shanahan and John Lynch discuss day three of the 49ers draft

“San Francisco 49ers coach Kyle Shanahan and general manager John Lynch spoke with reporters after day three of the 2022 NFL Draft. That is all they had to say.”

Draft 49ers Spencer Burford is positionally flexible to open day three

At least 49 players drafted a player who had the requisite size and an athlete blasted off the line to fit their system, and a player knowledgeable enough to describe areas in need of improvement without embarrassment. This generally bodes well for development.”

The 49ers’ fourth-round pick Spencer Burford should be a factor in starting the OL’ fight

“The 49ers addressed their biggest need in the 2022 draft when they chose UTSA OL Spencer Burford in Round 4. While he wasn’t a pick on day one or two, Burford has the tools to be in the mix to start a guard job right away.”

5 things to know about the 49ers’ fourth-round pick OL Spencer Burford

“My first plan is to go to the NFL and try to play for 10 years there,” Burford told “When I go out, I will try to be a detective. I don’t want to put the bad guys in jail, more to keep people out of jail. I want to be a positive start in the community and be someone people trust. Being in the community to help everyone and give back, that’s what I believe in.” “.

In the fifth round, the 49ers drafted a potential replacement for K’Waun Williams

“He definitely fits the Williams mold in that he’s, well, compact and fast. He lists 5’9″, 189 pounds and ran a 4.39-second 40-yard dash in his professional day. Most expectations made him go without drafting.”

49ers Draft Offensive Athletic With Pick 187

“[Fordham OL Nick Zakeli] is an offensive line armed with somewhat encouraging athletic traits, which, at this point in the draft, are generally well worth the swing.”

5 things to know about the 49ers’ 6th round pick OL Nick Zakelj

“I only played O-Line in my last year of high school,” Zakel said after being selected by the 49ers. “You kind of went through a late growth spurt, so it was kind of between Fordham and schools like Columbia. When you got to Fordham you obviously dream about going to the NFL, but you kind of don’t. That wasn’t my goal in going to Fordham. I went to Fordham to get a good education, to be able to play ball at DI level and be able to study.That is a big reason why I go to Fordham the great academics are there so this is something I was able to achieve – get my undergraduate and masters degrees while I was there with achieving My goals are to get into the NFL.”

49ers UDFA tracker: Early moves made for a pair of centers, receivers and safety

“Why do you have to be excited about it[Mercer IOL Jason] father? He’s a fully featured athlete. Its size is below average, but this was not generally a disqualification in the outline of the outer area in the center. Mobility is key as long as the power of play is not sacrificed.”

49 players meet defensive picks to end Round Six

“[UCF DT Kalia Davis is] It’s clearly seen as a developmental prospect, recognizing to reporters that he is “fairly new to the position” of defensive tackle, but he showed quick-twitch traits and the ability to shoot the ball, which Chris Kokorick obviously liked. “

5 Things to Know About the 49ers In Round Six, DB picked Tariq Castro Fields

“What will Castro-Fields bring to the 49ers? An interesting combination of size, speed, athletic performance and versatility can lead to his use in a number of ways. Here’s a look at what to know as Castro-Fields begins his career at the 49ers.”

5 Things to Know About 49ers DT Kalia Davis’ Round Six Pick

“I played quarterback in high school and got drafted into college as a player,” Davis said after being selected by the 49ers. “So I played quarterbacks in my first and second year at USC. My freshman year, when I moved to the D-End and five games into the 2019 season, I moved to D-Tackle. I’ve been a D-Tackle ever since.”

5 Things to Know About CB Samuel Womack’s Fifth Round Selection of the 49ers

“Outside of high school I should definitely get offers, but I played a part in that too because I was playing basketball too,” Womack said after being selected by the 49ers. “So I didn’t really know what sport I wanted to play. I picked up late and didn’t really go to camps and get that show like kids nowadays. It was on me, but my tape was good. A lot of colleges definitely missed the opportunity.”

49ers select Iowa state QB Brock Purdy as irrelevant master, wrapping up 2022 NFL Draft

Kyle Shanahan made a direct comparison to one of his old favorites, saying that it’s ‘very similar to Nick Mullins. He has noted his ability to pocket the ball under pressure, saying he has great balance and generally doesn’t need much protection to get the ball to the right place.

Analysts submit varying scores for second-day draft picks for 49 staff members for 2022

“Reactions to the three picks made by the 49ers on day two were certainly mixed. Most analysts liked USC edge defender Drake Jackson’s 61st selection overall in the second round, with the pair giving the choice very high praise. Ratings for LSU’s pick running Back Tyrion Davis-Price at picking 93 overall in Round 3 was about the same, while wide receiver SMU Danny Gray’s pick at 105 overall in Round 3 was more diverse.”

Did the 49ers draft a back-to-back draft to please Debo Samuel?

“In essence, the 49ers’ third round could be the start of a new round of negotiations between them and the receiver at large.” “You don’t want to take the drop penalty, so we’ve spent our excellent draft capital to ensure we have enough runs to handle the burden. We’ve also spent our Premium Capital Project to help open up the space for you to do your thing for the foreseeable future “That’s a pretty compelling argument to bring a disgruntled player back into the fold.”

Deebo calls OBJ bored after bizarre tweet about Patriots trading

“Two prominent NFL insiders – Tom Pellisero and Ian Rapoport – echoed Samuel’s tweet, saying the trade for the Patriots wasn’t right.”

Smashing Unoccupied Free Agent Signatures for the 49ers

“In particular, front linebackers Dohnovan West of Arizona and Jason Poe of Mercer, as well as linebacker Jeremiah Gemmel of North Carolina State, stood out due to their potentially inability to let go.”

49ers are willing to consider Jake Brendel, the rookie in the center if Alex Mack is no longer

The 49ers drafted two offensive linemen on day three of the draft at Spencer Burford of Texas-San Antonio (Round 4) and Nick Zackelge of Fordham (Round 6). Burford played guard and tackle in college while Zackel was primarily an interference, but from The 49 players will probably see if any of them can play in the middle.”

Watch Lynch, Shanahan’s emotional call to Drake Jackson

Jackson couldn’t hide his excitement because he joked that he’d be flying from Vegas to Santa Clara in ‘two seconds’.

Branch: No center? No safety? 49ers notable draft of what wasn’t done (paywall)

Lynch seemed more upbeat about Mack’s return during the draft than on Monday when he seemed to signal that the retirement of the 13-year-old was imminent. If Mack didn’t return, the 49ers might also be looking at a veteran position. On this front, it’s worth noting that the center JC Tretter, 31, is still in the free agent market after Brown fired him in a cost-cutting move in mid-March.