George Lucas Fast Facts 2022-05-01 07:20:18


Birth name: George Walton Lucas Jr.

dad: George Lucas Sr., owner of an office supply store

Mother: Dorothy (Bomberger) Lucas

marriages: Melody Hobson (2013–present); Marcia Griffin (1969-1983, divorced)

Children: With Melody Hobson: Everest (daughter), 2013; Adopted as a single father: Jett, 1993, Catherine, 1988; Adopted with Marcia Griffin: Amanda, 1981

education: Modesto Junior College, AA, 1964; University of Southern California, BFA, 1966

Other facts:

He originally wanted to become a race car driver, but changed his mind after a near-fatal car accident.

cooperated with Steven Spielberg For the “Indiana Jones” movie series.

Founder of the George Lucas Education Foundation, which encourages innovation in education.

nominated for four Oscars. He was awarded the Irving J. Thalberg Memorial Honorary Award in 1992.


1967 – Get training at Warner Brothers.

1968 – His short film “Electronic Labyrinth: THX-1138: 4EB” won Best Film at the National Student Film Festival.

1968 – He works as Francis Ford Coppola’s assistant while filming The Rain People.

1971- Lucasfilm forms.

1973 – American Graffiti, co-written and directed by Lucas, released. It was nominated for five Academy Awards, including Best Picture.

1975 – He establishes Industrial Light and Magic, a division of Lucasfilm, to create special effects for “Star Wars”. Industrial Light and Magic has become a pioneer in the field of special effects, having worked on several films including, “The Abyss”, “Jurassic Park”, “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” and “Iron Man”.

1977 – The movie “Star Wars” was written and directed by Lucas. He won seven Oscars. The title was changed to “Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope” when it was re-released in 1981.

1980 – Release of “Star Wars: Episode V – The Empire Strikes Back”.

1983 – The movie “Star Wars: Episode VI – The Return of the Jedi” has been released.

March 30, 1992 – Is served Irving J. Thalberg Memorial Award At the 64th Academy Awards.

1999 – The movie “Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace” has been released.

2002 – “Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones” has been released.

2005 – The movie “Star Wars: Episode III – Revenge of the Sith” has been released.

2008 – Star Wars: The Clone Wars is an animated movie based on the Star Wars movies. The TV series “Star Wars: The Clone Wars” is also premiering on Cartoon Network.

2010 – sign the give a pledgeHe promised to give half of his fortune to charity.
January 25, 2013 – Walt Disney Studios announces it JJ Abrams will direct the next Star Wars sequel.
June 2013 – Wins a Daytime Emmy Award For the best special grade animation software for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.
June 2014 – Wins a Daytime Emmy Award For the best special grade animation software for “Star Wars: The Clone Wars”.
December 6 2015 – he is Honors from the Kennedy Center.
June 24, 2016 – Lucas Museum of Narrative Art makes an announcement It is withdrawing from its original location in Chicago amid delays. Executive leadership confirms that the museum will be built in California instead.
January 10, 2017 – Board of Directors of the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art announces plans To build a museum in South Los Angeles. The museum will include a wide range of educational, artistic and cultural experiences and facilities.
March 31, 2021 – In a press release, the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art indicates that the museum will open in 2023. Before corona virus pandemic, It was scheduled to open in 2021.