Free Unoccupied Bear Tracker Agent: More than a dozen agree to sign; Plus beta players 2022-04-30 19:22:00


Bears down doubled–heck, tripled–in size during Saturday’s draft. General Manager Ryan Pauls made four deals that increased the number of draft picks from three to eight.

The Bears selected 11 players over two days. Despite this, the Bears still had needs once the draft was over. They began agreeing deals with unformulated free agents. Here’s who they are:

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RB Master Tig, Ohio
WR Savon Scarver, Utah
WR Henry Litwin, Slippery Rock
WR Landon Lenoir, Southern Illinois
T Jake Tongs, Cal
T Chase Allen, Iowa
OL Tristin Taylor, East Washington

DT Mica Dew-Tradeway, Minnesota
LB CJ Avery, Louisville
LB Gaylene Alexander, Bordeaux (Journal & Courier)
CBL Green, Missouri (NFL Network)
CB Jaylon Jones, Ole Miss
Jonathan Alexander, Charlotte (The Charlotte Observer)
Invited to try:
LB Jamal Brooks, South Alabama (Professional Football Network)
DT Joshua Black, Syracuse
LS Antonio Ortiz, TCU
Matt Coughlin, Michigan

Here’s the full draft class for 2022:

Second Floor No. 39: Washington CB Keeler Gordon
Second Floor No. 48: Pennsylvania State Jackuan Presker
Third Floor No. 71: Tennessee WR Philos Jones
Fifth Floor No. 168: Southern Utah OT Braxton Jones
Fifth Floor No. 174: Miami (Ohio) Dominic Robinson
Sixth Floor No. 186: San Diego State OT Zack Thomas
Sixth Floor No. 203: Baylor RB Tristan Ebner
Sixth Floor No. 207 Illinois Sea-Dog Kramer
Seventh Floor No. 226: South J Gater Carter
Seventh Floor No. 254: Cal FS Elijah Hicks
Seventh Floor No. 255: NC State in Trenton Jill