Ford F-150 Lightning Electric Truck Begins Important Product Launch 2022-04-26 14:23:33


Interest and demand for the cars was so strong, Ford received 200,000 pre-orders for the electric version of the pickup truck that was the best. The best selling car in the country For nearly half a century.

But, despite the interest from buyers, it is not a given that Ford will be able to pull the launch without problems.

The automaker has faced recurring issues in recent years with the release of new versions of its most popular vehicles, most notably the 2019 Ford Explorer SUV. Quality problems with this launch cost the company billions and She played a big role in the departure of two CEOs.

“There’s a lot of riding on it,” said Michelle Krebs, executive analyst at Cox Automotive. “Ford has had its issues with the launches and now I add that there are all these issues in the supply chain.”

Ford is the undisputed king of trucks.  Here's how I got there
Virtually all car manufacturers have had to cut back on production of new cars due to a lack of computer chips, parts and other materials, often Temporarily closing factories. These production bottlenecks have led to a limited supply of vehicles, which in turn has led to Record hike in car prices to consumers.

Bill Ford, grandson of the company’s founder and CEO of the automaker, compared the importance of the F-150 Lightning to the most important vehicle in the company’s history.

“More than 100 years ago, the Model T brought cars to everyone. Well, this one is going to bring electric cars, especially electric trucks, to everyone,” CNN’s Richard Quest said on Tuesday.

Krebs said she thinks this overstates the importance of Lightning, but agreed it’s a great way to switch to the electric cars that Ford and other automakers are betting on. Tens of billions of dollars.
The Lightning isn’t the first electric truck to hit the market. upstart Rivian, who only makes electric cars, Started production of its R1T truck last fall, but it only built about 3,500 in its first six months of production. General Motors began producing GMC Hummer EV pickups, but only sold 99 of them in the first quarter of production.
The F-150 Lightning outperformed both Tesla Cybertruck and the Chevrolet Silverado EVtwo of its major competitors, to be marketed for a year or more.
If stronghold (F) Major automakers in the U.S. market will make the transition from gasoline-powered cars to electric vehicles, as they say they intend, and will have to make American truck buyers comfortable with the idea of ​​electric trucks, Krebs said.

“It’s really going to test the situation. Is there a market for electric trucks? How big are they?” Krebs said.