Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, Ukraine is seen in this satellite image taken April 29.

EXCLUSIVE: Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol devastated by Russian raids, satellite images show 2022-04-30 09:17:41

Azovstal steel plant in Mariupol, Ukraine is seen in this satellite image taken April 29.


The first lady of Ukraine, Olena Zelenska, said that she believes that Russia intends to destroy her country.

Speaking in an interview in which she revealed the profound upheaval the conflict had caused in her family and her compatriots, Zelenska told the Polish newspaper Rzeczpospolita that the invasion of Ukraine “totally changed everything, including our lives”.

In a remote interview published on April 28, Zelenska said that since the invasion began on February 24, President Volodymyr Zelensky “has moved to Bankwa Street (the president’s office in Kyiv) at his workplace,” while she stayed with their children. .

She added, “There are no days off from work and no time off in the war. Often, you don’t even know the day of the week. There’s just what day it is, and what needs to be done.”

Zelinka said her children are studying remotely while on her initiative she works with other First Ladies, individual country governments, activists and volunteers to organize the evacuations of sick and orphaned children to safe places.

When asked if the war changed her husband, she said, “For some reason, I hear this question often. But the war did not change him.”

You have to understand that it has always been this way. He was a man you could count on. A man who will never fail. Now the whole world has seen what was not clear to everyone before. ”

Asked what she thinks Vladimir Putin wants to achieve in Ukraine, Zelenska said that Russia’s message continues to evolve and “this leads to the conclusion that their plans are constantly changing or not working logically. But I don’t judge them by words but by actions.”

“What the Russian forces are doing in Ukraine leads directly to the conclusion that the Russians are trying to exterminate the Ukrainians, and that is their real goal.

“This conclusion comes to my mind when I see the destruction of Mariupol, where safe evacuation was not even allowed through humanitarian corridors, when I saw the bombing of apartment buildings in Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Odessa, the railway station in Kramatorsk, which was destroyed by a Russian missile that killed more than 50.” Someone tried to leave.”

“And of course I came to this conclusion after the war crimes committed by the Russians in the Kyiv region, as we continue to discover mass graves of dead and destitute non-combatants, women and children,” she said.

“Yes, I am convinced that the Russians want to destroy us and commit genocide. It doesn’t matter what they say because their words don’t match their actions.”

Zelenska added that she is grateful to Poland for helping the Ukrainian refugees because they are “looking forward to the most important news – that we have won and that they can go home.”

“I will be happy when I can pass it on to them one day, and hopefully as soon as possible,” she added.