ESPN is doing everything it can to jinx the warriors 2022-05-01 12:00:15


ESPN released its NBA round two predictions on Sunday morning, and all 20 self-proclaimed experts have chosen Golden State Warriors To defeat the second-seeded Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference semi-finals.

The 20-0 defeat prediction (which included only one prediction for the series that needed to go seven matches) It was one of three down-to-earth predictions from prominent ESPN critics — Suns and Heat were also 100 percent, certain things according to The Worldwide Leader in Sports, though Zach Lowe oddly didn’t make predictions for the Heat-Sixers.

The stranger missing from ESPN’s “experts” group was former NBA player and current “Inside the NBA” analyst Galen Rose, who said during the first round He still thinks the Grizzlies are better than the Warriors.

The Dubs have already lost 7 of their last 11 matches against the Grizzlies dating back to 2019, including 3 of the four encounters this season – although Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Jordan Bull have not played together in any of the four encounters, and the Grizzlies have been Without Dillon Brooks in their January win and Ja Morant and Garen Jackson Jr. in their March 28 match.

Those seven losses included an additional game play of 117-112 against the Grizzlies in 2021; The Warriors were forced to start Kent Basemore as Thompson continued to recover from a ruptured ACL.

Now in good health (Save Andre Iguodala who is still injuredThe Warriors beat the Denver Nuggets 4-1 in the first round on their way to becoming the Vegas favorites to win the NBA title. The Phoenix Suns have since outlasted them in this honor, but you’d still be hard pressed to find an expert who didn’t win the second round. John Hollinger of Athletic He chose Golden State to win in seven against Memphis even before the playoffs start. Two of the three sports writers for the local Memphis newspaper even made the Warriors outshine the Grays — only Memphis Commercial Abel sports reporter Evan Barnes managed to lead the Morant Club.

You’ll need to dig into a list of national sports predictions, down to zombies, Maven-owned Sports Illustrated, in order to Looking for the only national expert Predict the Grizzlies Series win: fantasy and bookmaker Kyle Wood, who’s not exactly an insider in the NBA. Wood graduated from journalism school last year and joined SI after stints at WUFT News and the Independent Florida Alligator.