Elon Musk jokes he’ll buy Coca-Cola in order to ‘get cocaine back’ 2022-04-28 07:52:00


Elon Musk said thatBuying Coca-Cola to bring back cocaineHe also joked about what he plans to do next after his $44 billion acquisition of Twitter.

Late in Wednesday’s session with 87 million followers on Twitter, Musk reposted a meme suggesting he should buy. McDonald’s for repair restaurant chain Chronically broken ice cream machines.

“Listen, I can’t do miracles,” he wrote on Twitter.

Musk vowed to make Twitter “maximum fun” as he continued to hint at his intent to run the company after its board. Ahead of the $44 billion takeover bid earlier this week as the world’s richest man.

Musk posted several tweets late Wednesday night and into Thursday morning offering some suggestions for upgrading the site.

“Twitter DMs should have end-to-end encryption like Signal, so no one can spy on or hack your messages,” Musk said in a tweet.

Twitter's board of directors approved Musk's $44 billion takeover offer earlier this week.
Twitter’s board of directors approved Musk’s $44 billion takeover offer earlier this week.
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Musk pledged to buy Twitter and Change Content Editing Policies This is to honor its original mission as a platform that promotes freedom of expression.

He reiterated his pledge Wednesday night, tweeting: “For Twitter to deserve the public’s trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means disturbing the far right and the far left on equal terms.”

Musk also appears to be enjoying the memes that were posted mocking Twitter employees Who are reported to be annoyed by Tesla chief’s plans For a San Francisco based company.

When Twitter user Kyle Mann wrote that his Babylon Bee video post depicting an employee on Twitter “being treated for the impending acquisition of elonmusk” was flagged by the service for “sensitive content,” Musk responded with two hysterically laughing emojis.

Meanwhile, some experts speculate that Musk won’t buy Twitter after all. They watch his tweets criticizing the company – which are said to be infringing A pledge not to criticize the platform – As a sign of lack of seriousness.

Wall Street analysts point to the impact of Musk’s impending Twitter takeover on his electric car company, Tesla.

Tesla lost more than $100 billion in value as investors speculated that Musk might have to sell shares to fund his $21 billion contribution to his $44 billion purchase of Twitter.

Tesla is not involved in the Twitter deal, however its shares have been targeted by speculators after Musk refused to publicly disclose the source of his funds for the acquisition.

The 12.2% drop in Tesla shares on Tuesday equaled a $21 billion drop in the value of his Tesla stake, the same $21 billion in cash he committed for the Twitter deal.

Wedbush Securities analyst Daniel Ives said concerns about upcoming stock sales by Musk and the potential for a Twitter distraction have weighed on Tesla shares.

“This (cause) a bear festival on the name,” he said.

Musk’s pledge to change the content may also be Contrary to EU regulations That requires social media platforms to stamp out hate speech.

There is also the question of how Musk’s acquisition of Twitter, which angered authorities in China for allowing protesters in Hong Kong to post freely about their struggle for democracy, could affect the auto company’s operations in the country.

Elon Musk took to Twitter on Wednesday and joked that he intends to buy Coca-Cola for "Put the cocaine back in."
Elon Musk took to Twitter on Wednesday and joked that he intended to buy Coca-Cola in order to “return the cocaine.”
Musk's plans to acquire Twitter have had a negative impact on Tesla's stock price — leading to speculation that he may withdraw his bid.
Musk’s plans to acquire Twitter have had a negative impact on Tesla’s stock price — leading to speculation that he may withdraw his bid.

If Musk were to get Twitter, China could threaten to reduce Tesla’s footprint in the country if he does not play ball and heeds the Chinese Communist Party’s dictates as it relates to the social media platform – undermining his “absolute free speech” credibility.

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos cracked Musk’s Twitter takeoverwondering if the It could end up empowering China – only to conclude later that his theory was “probably” too far fetched.

According to Reuters BreakingViews.

“Most likely, Musk’s interest will wander elsewhere. It wouldn’t be the first time.”

While Musk continues to tweet freely about the company he is set to acquire, a federal judge has ruled against him to do the same about Tesla.

US District Judge Lewis Lehman on Wednesday Rejected Musk’s bid to end the 2018 consent decree He limits his ability to tweet about Tesla, and deals a blow to the billionaire in his ongoing feud with the SEC.

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