Drake London of the Falcons is the bet to be an offensive rookie of the year – ProFootballTalk 2022-05-01 11:29:00


NFL: April 28, 2022 Draft

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Widely regarded as the Falcon receiver, Drake London is the bet of choice to be the NFL’s Best Rookie of 2022.

London, who went to Atlanta with the eighth overall pick in the 2022 NFL Draft, is my favorite +550 possibilitiesvia Ben Fox.

In second place was Steelers quarterback Kenny Beckett, at +600. Beckett may end up spending the junior season on the sidelines, but if Beckett wins the starting job at boot camp, he’ll stand a good chance.

The Titans tied for third place in odds Trillon pyrex The Jets return to Breece Hall at +700 each. Trading Titans receiver #1 AJ Brown For the selection they used at the Burks, so they expect the Burks to score a lot of goals this season. Hall was the highest level drafted this year.

Also on the board is a broadband receiver Garrett Wilson At +850 and the Seahawks are running backwards Kenneth Walker III at +900.

Among the long shots is a Saints . wide receiver Chris Olafwide reception early Christian Watson And black wide receiver Jameson Williams, all in 10-1. Quarterback Titans Malik Willis It is a longer shot at 12-1.