Disney announces Avatar 2 title, first teaser 2022-04-27 16:45:23


Concept art from Avatar: The Way Of Water

Concept art from Avatar: The Way Of Water
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Through CinemaC for Walt Disney StudiosWhen applying on Wednesday morning, symbol picture Producer Jon Landau introduced the upcoming trailer for the much-anticipated first (of many) to the blockbuster 2009 movie, titled Avatar: Water Road. Before the clip, Landau discussed writer-director James Cameron’s strategy for putting the films out while Cameron remained in Wellington, New Zealand, where he oversees the film’s completion in time for its opening day on December 16, 2022.

Landau started announcing the highly anticipated re-release of the original symbol picture, a shrewd decision as is probably necessary; There are literal teens who weren’t even born when the first movie came out, so it makes sense to re-acquaint moviegoers with Pandora, or at least refresh their memories. But in his prepared remarks, Landau relied heavily on immortality to tell Cameron’s stories. He said, “One of the strengths of Jim Cameron’s texts is always the comprehensive and documentable themes that he weaves into.” “And there is no subject more closely related to it in the middle of each of our four complements than Sully’s family, Jake’s family, and Netery.”

Given the frequent shifts in structure and the addition of a sequel, Landau cleverly emphasized the films’ independent nature, as well as their interconnectedness – an approach that also gives filmmakers a way out if Cameron’s gamble doesn’t pay off and the studio (or audiences) decide they don’t want more. symbol picture movies before Complete the story cycle. “Each sequel will play as a standalone film. Each story will come to its own end, and each film will present viewers with emotional decisions in each film.” However, when you look at that as a whole, the journey through all four films will create a larger, connected, epic story.

Then Landau provided a pre-recorded statement from Cameron himself. Opened with sympathy for the exhibitors – an expected feeling, Since CinemaCThe focus is on theatrical experience – prior to pivoting to artistic accomplishments and requirements to be included in a show water road in theatres. “John and I are here to work with you – we are your partners,” Cameron said. “And the best way we can do it is to provide must-see content in the center.”

“With the first symbol pictureWe set out to push the boundaries of the big screen,” he recalls symbol picture Movies, we’re pushing those boundaries even further with 3D, with higher dynamic range, higher frame rate, higher resolution and much more realism in our visual effects. Despite his willingness to employ cutting edge technology, Cameron insisted that his efforts were seamlessly coupled with strong storytelling and great performance. “As I make a film, I find working with the actors most satisfying,” he admitted. Pandora again with our friends Zoe Saldana, Sam Worthington and Sigourney Weaver, and Stephen Lang, not to mention our new cast members Kate Winslet, Cliff Curtis, And this amazing group of very talented teenagers, who all quickly distinguished themselves in their roles. We wanted our return to Pandora to be something really special.”

“Every shot is designed for the largest screen, highest resolution and most 3D rendering available. Once again we set out to push the boundaries of what cinema can do. And I think we did. I hope we did. I hope you will agree when you see the movie in December.” .

Dolby has introduced 3D glasses for displaying the movie’s story in two dimensions, and whether you find 3D to be a fun or necessary addition to the cinematic experience, it’s clear that technology has greatly improved in both the recording and projection of those images. The video didn’t offer much perspective on the story, as it mostly revisits the landscape (and aerial views, seascapes…) of Pandora, with Worthington’s character Jake Sully and Neytiri from Saldana at the center. But the viewer Involving flight, and even underwater, it provided glimpses into Cameron’s “volume”-based filmmaking in unprecedented environments such as underwater.

Without the perfect, intense seat of a 90-second clip, it’s hard to know how much, say, capturing an underwater performance would mesmerize onscreen in a longer story. butHe provided the amount of detail in every photo, the vibrancy of the characters and the brightness of each photo, a perhaps too late reminder that Cameron always uses his full ass when it comes to throwing himself on projects – and thanks to the power of Weta Digital that brings those photos to life. Avatar: Water Road It promises to be a visual and technical epic, whether or not anyone ends up getting three or four of these films after waiting so long for the second one.