Did you hear a loud bang in Mississippi this morning? It was a meteorite. 2022-04-27 16:07:00


Claiborne County, Miss. (WLBT) – Several residents in Claiborne County and beyond described hearing a loud bang Wednesday morning.

“Citizens of Claiborne County, and local officials are aware of the loud sound that has been heard throughout the county,” the Sheriff’s Department posted on Facebook, saying that the Great Bay Nuclear Power Plant did not participate.

Hours later, it was confirmed that the loud bang was in fact a meteor.

Malary White said with MSEMA that NASA has received nearly 40 calls from residents of Mississippi, Louisiana and Arkansas.

The space object moved at 55,000 miles per hour and broke into pieces as it entered Earth’s atmosphere. It collapsed about 30 miles over a swampy area north of Menorca, Louisiana.

The fragmentation of the meteorite generated energy equivalent to 3 tons of TNT, which created shock waves that hit the Earth.

This was the cause of the loud bangs and vibrations that those who returned to the ground felt. At its peak, the fireball was ten times brighter than a full moon.

MSEMA says that the fireball caused no injuries or property damage and that it was traveling parallel to the Mississippi River.

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