DeSantis spokesperson: ‘Disney will pay its fair share of taxes’ 2022-04-28 10:15:10


The Florida governor’s office for the state has confirmed that Disney will not pass tax burdens on citizens.

A spokeswoman for Governor Ron DeSantis assured Florida residents that their taxes would not be affected by the legal restructuring of the special governing body for Florida. Walt Disney WorldReddy Creek Improvement District. The region was unsure what the fallout would be from the legislation DeSantis signed to resolve it in June 2023.

“As Governor DeSantis has said, Disney will pay its fair share of taxes, and repealing the special zone will not increase taxes for residents of any area in Florida,” DeSantis spokeswoman Christina Buchou said in a statement on social media.

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She continued, “If it were true that abolishing the Special Zone would give Disney a tax cut, and local taxpayers would be in trouble because this bailout would benefit Disney… why would Disney oppose abolishing their Special Zone? In fact, why didn’t Disney push to get rid of From your neighborhood long ago?

The district, established in 1967 and comprising parts of two counties, can levy its own taxes and develop its own infrastructure. Its 2022 operating budget is more than $169 million, but how the future needs of the region and its residents will be met is anyone’s guess at this point.

“Florida residents, including those in Orange and Osceola counties, will not be in trouble,” Buchou said. “Don’t fall for another partisan political lie that the media amplifies.”



Cinderella’s newly painted Castle in the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World on August 30, 2021, in Lake Buena Vista, Florida. (AP Photo/John Raoux, File/AP Newsroom)

A frequent guess from critics of the legislation was that neighboring counties would see higher taxes, amounting to nearly $1 billion in counties debt. DeSantis shrugged off such concerns, stating that there would be more legislation to address such issues.