Delta becomes the first US airline to pay flight attendants on board 2022-04-26 10:09:00


Delta Airlines announced Tuesday that it will become the first U.S. airline to pay flight attendants for boarding assignments beginning this summer.

In a note sent to employees, the airline said that beginning June 2 flight attendants will receive boarding fare on all flights. In the airline industry, flight attendants only receive compensation for flights after the aircraft doors are closed.

“The addition of boarding pay to flight attendant compensation is a testament to Delta’s longstanding commitment to delivering industry-leading pay to our industry-leading team while enhancing our operational reliability for customers,” Delta said in a statement.

Along with the boarding fee, Delta is increasing boarding time on smaller planes from 35 minutes to 40 minutes.

“Flight attendants are critical to ensuring a welcoming and safe environment on board, and we are excited to bring this new feature to our employees and improve on-time departures and arrivals for both crew and customers,” Delta said.

The salary for the boarding flight is on top of the employee salary increase that will take effect in May.

The Flight Attendants Association credits their efforts to pay boarding fare, saying that “the new policy is the direct result of our regulation — and a desperate attempt to prevent another new boarding policy (D+40) from creating the kind of outrage it deserves.”

The move also comes amid efforts to standardize Delta flight attendants.

“It’s also a reminder that management holds all the cards. They announced this today, and they can also choose to rescind this policy at any time…unless we have a contract that secures it.”