Deebo Samuel’s latest report: It’s very likely that it will be a jet plane 2022-04-27 08:30:00


Where there is smoke there is fire. And in the case of Deebo Samuel, more and more reports are emerging that the All-Pro wide receiver could be on the move as we head into NFL Project Thursday.

Pro Football Network’s Tony Bolin gave his final thoughts on Tuesday night:

The feeling within the league is that the Niners are listening to Deebo Samuel’s performances and the Jets are going to put together such a huge package for Deebo Samuel that the Niners won’t be able to turn it off.

Everyone says that Kyle Shanahan would like to keep Depo Samuel. But again, the feel is what the Jets give, as they say in The Godfather, the Jets will make an offer the Niners can’t refuse.

That’s the word in league circles tonight. Within the league, executives feel the No. 10 pick will go to San Francisco 49ers And Deebo Samuel will be the New York Jet.

Pauline eventually hedges by saying that this deal will not happen 100 per cent because he is not clear about the timeframe.

We know 49ers listen to shows. We know Depo has moved and asked for a deal. Will the team honor their trade order? Well, if they were to receive a “godfather” type offer from a team like the Jets, it would be hard for San Francisco to turn the other cheek.

When we discuss a potential Deebo deal, we act as if the conversation surrounding him is bilateral. Deebo’s value to the 49ers is through the roof, and we have 2021 to prove it. That could be true with admitting having a bundle of picks – let’s use the jets – that includes 10 and 35, not to mention anything else New York has to offer, it would be crazy to turn it down.

At the age of 10, you can pull a potential edge pusher, come back on the second round, and take a big fall down, safety, or center. The options are endless, and you have the potential of three high-draft picks on starter deals for the next four years.

The money you would have used to extend Samuel can be used in a player like Jessie Bates or Jordan Poyer if you miss the safe. Or you can also get aggressive in season and make a deal. The options are endless.

Does this put more pressure on Kyle Shanahan and Trey Lance? unequivocally. Good luck getting more than 1,700 yards of melee from anyone on the outfield roster next year, not to mention a rookie—financial still matters. You still have Brandon Ayok and George Keitel. In theory, the wide receiver should contribute to the second day immediately.

We can talk in circles about Deebo trading until that happens. We have a poll coming up later Wednesday on Samuel’s potential commercial value and what I was willing to accept Samuel in the deal.

Jeremy Fowler and Dan Graziano from ESPN He spread some rumors at the last minute and had to say this about Deebo:

49ers wide receiver Debo Samuel Recently Trade orderMost people in the league consider the Jets to be the frontrunners, although some interested teams don’t expect the 49ers to move from Samuel in the short term. Multiple teams are calling, and San Francisco is thought to at least listen. I’m told the Lions and Packers have an interest, too. As one of the sources pointed out, “It would take a lot of Cale [Shanahan] to trade it with Green Bay,” given the rivalry both in the NFC and between coaches, Shanahan and Matt LaFleur.

Samuel is the only big-name receiver who looks like a threat to deal with.

Packets will have to send both the first round and then some. Shanahan knows the Packers will stand in the way of the 49ers in the Super Bowl, with or without Deebo. This was the case every year. He wasn’t sleeping at night knowing that #19 was getting passes from his friend Matt and everything from QB at Aaron Rodgers.

The Lions picks 2, 32, 34 and 66. It would take the last three picks and possibly a pick in the 2023 NFL Draft for the Niners to pull the trigger.

You have a feeling that if a move is made, it will happen sometime on Wednesday.