Darren Waller: “No trade will happen” – ProFootballTalk 2022-04-27 21:12:00


Los Angeles Chargers v Las Vegas Raiders

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A recent report indicated that the raiders may negotiate a court ending Darren Waller to Packers. In response, quarterback raiders Derek Carr There he saidNo chance“This will happen.

On a Wednesday evening on CBS Sports Radio with Zach Gelb, Waller said essentially the same thing.

“I had conversations with the team, and they said This is not something that happensWaller said. “There is no trade that will happen.”

This is as obvious as it gets. So if there are any trade talks, it looks as if those talks are over and Waller will stay with the Raiders.

However, we now know how resilient the NFL is. If packagers, for example, can’t get the traffic catchers they’re targeting in the 2022 draft, they might come back online. If they even call in the first place.